PREPARE: The Ethereum & Bitcoin ETFs Explained

Explaining The Ethereum & Bitcoin ETFs
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  1. Here’s a question. Can blackrock buy bitcoin towards the etf before the etf is approved or after? If they jahe to wait to buy Bitcoin for the etf after approval then Bitcoin will definitely come down so they can buy cheaper

  2. Wouldnt a ETF where a institution buys the crypto just eventually kill the whole point of Bitcoin? Does anyone remember the whole decentralized currency thing or we just care about number going up until people realise they have no one to sell to but Blackrock and the crypto dies?

  3. Just found you and I must say that you are an excellent communicator and I have enjoyed the two videos that I have watched so far. Love your delivery and really appreciate that so far I have not heard any profanity. Very respectful.
    Thank you.

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