The Largest Housing Crash Is Coming | Why I Sold

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It’s difficult to place a “once size fits all” approach throughout everything – although, some markets have already started to see a net decline. In fact, Boise Idaho saw more than 60% of their sellers issue a price reduction, along with 50% of sellers dropping their asking price throughout Denver, Colorado, and Salt Lake City, Utah. As a BUYER – fortunately, you’re in a good position to negotiate, make lower offers on properties that have sat on the market, and – not worry about losing a deal, because – most likely – another one is already listed.

SELLERS: found that “the share of homes that reduced their list price reached 14.9% in June versus 7.6% a year earlier” – meaning, sellers can no longer ask unrealistic numbers and GET IT…but, even as of recently: nearly 5 offers are being received for every property sold, with more than 50% of buyers still offering over list price.

Just recently, a analysis found that – in metropolitan cities – rent increases have finally begun to slow down, and – in some locations – EVEN REVERSE – as demand begins to subside. In large cities, rents have simply increased to a price that tenants are unable to pay. Bloomberg noted that, after rents rose almost 12% year over year on the average 2 bedroom apartment…they’ve begun to come back down…with a decrease of 2.9%.

So, overall…it’s definitely apparent that…we are finally beginning to stabilize, and enter a new phase of normal that isn’t just “prices keep rising indefinitely.” From what I can see, mortgage rates have begun to hold firm…and, even decline to 5%…prices are still increasing, albeit at a slower pace, and rents are only going to go as high as tenants can afford.

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  1. I think a housing crash will happen because all those people who bought homes over asking price, although it was at a low interest rate, they are over their heads. They have no equity if the housing prices continue to go down, and if for whatever reason they cannot afford the house anymore and it goes into foreclosure because even if they try to sell, they will not make any money. I think this will happen to a lot of people especially with the massive layoff predicted for the future and the cost of living rising at a high speed.

  2. I sold a couple of homes in the Tampa area for pretty good cash and I'm thinking to just leave it in stocks while waiting for a house crash to happen and as well avoid inflation, but is this really a good time to buy stocks? I hear it's a madhouse right now and I still hear folks are raking in huge 6figure profits by the weeks and I'd love to know how.

  3. I live in a hot market. I don't understand when a good market will be. The only reason house prices are low is because of interest rates, not because people aren't interested. Once interest rates drop, people are going to try to get back into the market.
    Rent prices are just as much as a mortgage, so why would I not take advantage of owning at a low cost and potentially refinancing down the road?

  4. Inflation plays a huge role. If it was home prices alone that have gone out of control, then I would expect a major crash. But since the cost of goods have gone up at a crazy rate, I think it’s just going to normalize into prices that are still high. I’d like a small crash but oh well.

  5. People with a large following like this guy always end up wrong in the end. People have been talking about a housing crash for the last 30 years, its not some kind of revolutionary idea.

  6. I was able to build big income string, after the 2021 business seminal in UK, indeed Madelyn investment strategies is the best, despite the market fluctuations I still make 90% of my investment with her.

  7. Having not yet finished the video and being highly uneducated in housing matters, doesn't a crash only really matter to someone looking to sell their property? For example, I'm closing on a property in a few days but that's my last move ever short of stupid life happening. I have no intention to sell, no interest in treating it as an investment, it will only ever be my home. So does any of this even matter to me?

  8. San Antonio Texas used to be quite affordable. There is a brand new subdivision close to me with the smallest house at just above 1,500 sqft starting at $429,000. Having lived here the majority of my life, I can say that this is absolutely ridiculous.

  9. Gram. Not Your content I feel is redundant and vague. I think your more interested in the money generation from adds. Different then in the past. Good for you not so much for your viewers

  10. prices normalizing at these levels is a massive tragedy. You are saying it like its fine. Most americans will not be able to buy a house, and that is an extremely serious problem for the whole country, as corporations will have much more control through rental properties. Corporate owned housing is also an end to realting. As they will indefinitely own the properties.

  11. I get it, opinions change, new facts come to light, and I think 'i don't know' is an acceptable answer in any casual conversation and way better than lying in every conversation. THIS GUY LITERALLY TOLD MICHAEL REEVES THIS WAS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

  12. Great phrase "sellers are knocking the froth off the price"
    We're not going to see any kind of collapse. Demand for homes is still way too strong for that.
    Irresponsible stimulus from the government is the biggest risk all of our investment choices face today- including housing

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