I Read 47 Books on Money – Here's What Will Make You RICH

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  1. We're not in Az anymore. Love your growth Max and thanks for sharing. So many (of us) are looking for the magic quick life changing profit and we view vids in desperate search. Time + investment + consistency + compounding interest works; it's not sexy, but you'll thank yourself. BUT, we're not patient and we waist time/years searching for the homerun. Nice work man and love your bluntness.

  2. Your explanation is concise and practical. However, the market can be manipulated in many ways. I had an early understanding of trading crypto assets but was limited by my technical analysis skills. That changed when I discovered John Grayson strategy. Day trading should be given more attention as it is less affected by the market's unpredictable nature.

  3. My advice to everyone is this : if you want to grow big this year especially in your finances. Be willing to take risks. Saving is great but taking risks puts you on a pedestal where you wouldnt have to worry about savings as you do now. Thanks to larysa Caba, my portolio is doing really great and im proud of the decisions i made last year.

  4. Nitpicking a little but 10 yrs @ 16% nets $49k and 9 years @ 20% nets you $59k and a 15% loss on that brings that down to $50k…but the idea makes sense nonetheless, one loss at the end erases alot of gains! And I like how this is so contrary to what everyone is saying.

  5. Investing anywhere other than bitcoin during these early adoption years is inefficient, acquire as many satoshis as possible while uneducated people still accept dollars for them 😉 the future is going to be fun

  6. I've been using the infinity grid bot with a sol/btc pair since .0008. My perspective is dollar cost average down to increase the size of the net so that no matter what the price is it's always trading wtihin a range. Down side is there's no auto reinvest profits. But when I do restart the bot to compound I keep the lower limit the same. Another thought is if starting budget is $1000, then $500 for sol/btc pair then $500 for btc/usd pair.

  7. Good to see a video from you it's been awhile or you tube Algo is just shit 😅. Are you still studying the crypto space or do still feel burnt and haven't got over I'm curious 😮

  8. Exploring the high-stakes world of day trading reveals a blend of risk and reward, where strategic leverage plays and timing during market fluctuations can lead to significant gains from minimal investments. This approach emphasizes the necessity of careful risk management, including setting stop losses and technical analysis, to navigate the volatile markets effectively…..managed to grow a nest egg of around 100k to a decent 432k in the space of a few months… I'm especially grateful to Francine Duguay, whose deep expertise and traditional trading acumen have been invaluable in this challenging, ever-evolving financial landscape.

  9. one of the things that is really important and most people neglect is math behind everything as you said if you compound over 10 years it will usually give you higher returns in comparison to if you have any type of pullback in the 10th year

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