How To Use ChatGPT To Become A Millionaire

How To Use ChatGPT – Here’s how Artificial Intelligence is being used for investing in stocks and real estate, and what this could mean for the entire industry moving forward – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan





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All of this began with an article from CNN, claiming that “ChatGPT can pick stocks better than your fund manager.” The article explained, between March 6 and April 28, “a dummy portfolio of 38 stocks gained 4.9% while 10 leading investment funds clocked an average loss of 0.8%.”

With this challenge, ChatGPT is given a simple prompt: “We are giving you a $50,000 investment account to put you to the test. Every Monday you will analyze and buy a new set of stocks, and we will sell 2 weeks later.”

The entire concept is based on a research paper that successfully used ChatGPT to analyze which stock headlines were good, bad, or neutral for prices. From there, ChatGPT recorded which headlines yielded the largest movements after being published, based on a string of keywords – and, it found was that it was actually pretty good at predicting which stocks were going to fall the most.

Basically, this ChatGPT program found out that NEGATIVE articles yielded the largest, immediate moves in price (to the downside) and when you concentrate that information on smaller stocks, you had the potential for a higher upside if you shorted them.

At the end of the day, ChatGPT is looking for patterns based on past performance – and, with enough data at its disposal, it should – in theory – have enough information to be able to form an opinion on what’s MOST LIKELY going to happen. But if everyone gets those recommendations, ChatGPT could begin recommending ANYTHING, and it’ll go up – because more and more people are hanging on to its every word.

But, aside from that – you have the argument of the “Efficient Market Hypothesis,” which states that “when new information comes into the market, it is immediately reflected in stock prices and thus cannot generate excess returns.” So, if everyone has access to something while AI begins recommending the same stock to the entire planet, it no longer works.

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  1. All I am noticing is your freaking arms now that you and Caleb Hammer had that interview. He said he was trying to copy your arm movements when he first started and now that’s all I notice.

    On that note, thank you! I appreciate your info and you do it very wisely without suggesting but simply educating. Very very wise as you build your business.

  2. How is it “artificially intelligent” if you have to input the information to make it go? Isn’t that just a computer program? If it writes it’s own criteria it’s “intelligent,” no?

  3. Protecting your capital is much more important than making money. Basically because if you lose your capital, making money is much harder. "Missing the train" vs. "losing your money". There are a lot of trains, but if your money is gone, it's over..

  4. AI will eat itself
    It’s already happening. AI is THE buzzword right now. Every YouTuber and podcaster is obsessed with it and how it is changing the nature of mankind. It is taking over social media and controlling the sounds and images we see and the thoughts of cell-phone addicted consumers.
    And although millions of cell phone addicts are responding to every deep fake electronic cue that is transmitted through their little brainwashing machines, at the same time there are millions of self-aware folks who have already become bored with AI. It is simply the modern version of the hula hoop or the muscle car. It’s shelf life expiring rapidly, like any other mechanism that is void of the human touch.

  5. Great content, life changing! Reading is not just enough". Take action! Put your found knowledge to use. I read for a long time but action made my life change in no time (generally and mostly financially)

    That's my two cents on this

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