Sold My Tesla Stock

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Even though CNN says that investors are getting VERY greedy, it’s become apparent that Tesla has consistently deviated from its fundamentals, and never trades where they should – but, instead, where people expect them to be…way, way, way….way…. in the future.

It becomes impossible to value them as an automaker…worth more than every other car company, combined…because, the truth is…there’s value in their battery technology and storage, in solar, in their data, and a wealth of other opportunities that are at their disposal. Because of that…I’ve learned, Tesla Stock can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent…and, sometimes – trading too logically, on fundamentals, does you a disservice when you’re trying to properly time your entry and exit point from an investment that doesn’t follow the traditional path.

The problem is that, if you want to be successful timing a stock like Tesla, or any stock, for that matter…you have to be right TWICE: Once when you sell, and once AGAIN when you buy back in…and, even though I was able to time the previous top in the short term…whether that be luck, or recognizing irrational exuberance…I wasn’t disciplined enough, as an investor to buy back in when it ACTUALLY bottomed out.

That, in my opinion, is the main issue when you get in the mindset of selling and trading term positions that you plan to hold indefinitely: It reinforces the belief that you can beat the market, or that YOU know better than everyone else…and, maybe you do…but, in situations like mine…selling, for the sole reason of trying to buy back in at a lower price…is a risky game, that’s hard to come out of, on top.

Not to mention, once you sell – you’ll have to pay TAXES on those profits, whether that be short term capital gains at your highest tax bracket…or, long term capital gains slightly lower – further eating away at your net return, and that needs to be considered.

Of course, don’t take it the wrong way and apply this to everything – because, there are situations where it DOES make sense to sell – especially if you intended for it to be a short term trade, you need the money, or the fundamentals of the company unexpectedly changed…but, just realize that properly timing volatile, momentum trading is next to impossible…because, logic doesn’t allow prevail…and, at least for myself… as long as I believe in the company long term…I’m always…going to…SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON FOR THE YOUTUBE ALGORITHM 😉

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  1. The first split is 2;1 second is 5:1 than 3;1 then next will be 6;1 next will be 4;1 its a pattern that all engineers do it mathematically each year tesla will split eventually they are making almost a monopoly from tesla phone, laptops, computers, gaming, to tablets to watches, to robotic ai in cars, we have a truck, busses, under road trails, trains, and fucking airplanes think about tesla now but I bet even the military. Tesla is built to be trillions. Think about it if tesla makes their consumers richer they will buy back in tesla's brand over time and time again duh,… He a genius

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