Japan’s Warning For The US Economy (Interest Rates Just Flipped)

Japan’s Warning For The US Economy (Interest Rates Just Flipped)
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  1. Wow you cover so many different angles that I've never seen any YouTuber do before. Well done. Too many idiots are trying to pretend to know something these days. I appreciate your modesty too

  2. This would not hurt the Japanese bank, where all they have to do is get themselves placed with short/puts across the board and rake it in, as they raise rates. The Fed does this routinely with ALL markets. And once the markets bottom out, they'll be buying all of those shares back up at rock bottom prices.

    As usual, the private investors are the ones who will suffer …NOT the big banks.

  3. 😥😢😭 the US economy is a PONZI con. Get new investors by raising the rates…to pay back the prior investors. Create laws and penalties to deter suckers from withdrawing. Keeps the PONZI going for a long time.

  4. Its the US govt being reckless in spending. Its the US debt spiral. Its the credit downgrade on US bonds.
    Its the US printing press drastically inflating the dollar.
    This is why I will never buy a long duration bond issued by the US treasury.

  5. Hi Andrew, sorry this isn’t related to this video. I didn’t see you having a Twitter account so I looked for your latest video.
    I know you have done a lot of Robinhood videos.
    My account has been locked for months and it’s impossible to get in touch with them.
    They send generic responses and try ere is literally NO customer service.
    Do you know how I can get in touch with them.
    I have over 35k and am lost.
    Just need to get my money out.

  6. Well said. But why don't you consider another factor? The yen/dollar exchange rate. The yen continues to fall. For exports, that may be a good thing. But for the national debt, good or bad? It turns out that Japan needs more and more amount of yen to pay its debt. This has a negative effect on private investors, who will easily dump Japanese government bonds at the first opportunity. This will force the Bank of Japan to start selling off U.S. treasuries. Or does anyone believe that the Bank of Japan can afford to turn on the printing press and accelerate inflation?

  7. I think your yield curve explanation makes people confused. It has nothing to do with the expectation of the entity you’re lending to. Debt and lending is a bet on your inflation expectation. If lenders anticipate short term inflation to be greater than long term, the yield curve flips.

  8. Ok….!!! But you make one HUGE mistake. About Japan…its people….and debt and inflation….and Japan's huge govt spending. And about a huge cause of inflation!!

    Inflation doesn't occur….unless people spend money!!!! Because as people keep spending and buying more….businesses raise the prices the charge for their goods!!

    Like after they opened the economy back up in THE US…from the COVID shutdown. In which…during the shutdown. All the goods on the store shelf and in the pipeline from the manufacrurer were sold. So the entire supply line was empty. So as production was started back up….everyone was buying. And to slow down that buying to ration thevsale of goods….companies raised rates. On the few products they had left in the store…and Price Inflation went up!!

    But in Japan….people don't spend money. They invest and hold their money. And won't buy anything, until there's a price reduction.

    Sooo….Japan has had negative, disinflation. Where govt. has been trying for years. To get people to spend money. To spur the economy higher. But it hasn't worked…sooo!!!

    To spur the economy. Govt. started printing more money…to build factories and infrastructure. That cause a huge boom in the Japanese economy in the 1990's. Where Japan exported cars…ekectronics…heavy equipment!! To cause a HUGE productivity ruse in GDP…..BUT!!!

    Inflation didn't go up in Japan….because people are thrifty and don't spend money!!! Unlike the US!!!


  9. Makes no sense "Things are decreasing in value so people wont buy things till tomorrow" can say same thing if price increases as it just becomes unaffordable. Isn't it more logical that people will spend more if prices of things are lower

  10. honestly it really gets depressing being just a low class american 🇺🇸 love this country but man damn is there ever good news 📰 i just want peace no war it’s a fairytale but damn lover everyone honestly but it’s like america is a horror movie

  11. You just don’t get it Japan doesn’t make a move unless everyone is on board. It’s to late for the Japanese they will have to pay to borrow money they had their time to grow the economy now it’s back to normal

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