Why 25% Of Workers Just Quit Their Job

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Even though the term “Quiet Quitting” has existed for well over a decade…the RECENT trajectory is all thanks to a viral TikTok, which summarized that – even though you’re not outright QUITTING YOUR JOB – you’re quitting the idea of going “above and beyond.” You’re still performing your duties, but you’re no longer subscribing to the “hustle culture mentality” that work has to be your life – and that, your worth is not defined by your productive output.

However, the reality is: “acting your wage” will come at the cost that – long term, you’ll likely have a much harder time getting a promotion, working up to new opportunities, or even keeping your job – IF that’s something you value.

If you’re the type who WANTS recognition, who WANTS to grow within their career, and WANTS to eventually make more money…it’s often BETTER to give a LITTLE MORE than expected, and by doing so – you make a lasting impact that sets you apart from the competition.

In addition to that, it also serves as your safety net in the event we DO enter a severe recession with mass layoffs…because, like it or not…throughout recessions, we tend to see a COMPLETE contraction across the entire economy, including job losses.

I would take this EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY…because, even though it’s easy to “quietly quit” while unemployment is at an all time low, since 1955 “the U.S. economy has always experienced a recession within two years from every quarter in which inflation was above 4% and unemployment was below 5%, as they are today.”….and, on top of that…the unemployment rate has NEVER held below 3.5% for more than a year.

From my perspective, it’s totally okay to set boundaries in terms of your work/life balance…but, it shouldn’t be surprising if someone else gets the promotion, or a better opportunity – and that needs to be factored in, at least to SOME degree.

Of course, on the flip side: employers can’t simply expect their employees to keep 1-upping each other for a raise that doesn’t match inflation – plus, I’m sure it’s also demotivating to see the person who slacks off, getting paid the same as the person who takes on extra work, so, companies NEED to cultivate an environment where there CAN be incentives along the way.

Now, as far as what YOU could do about it: honestly, if you’re the type who’s happy with what they’re doing, self-motivated, and has a clear path for what you want, this is an opportunity to stand out in the workplace, and solidify yourself as someone who indispensable for the company. It could also be a great time to look for other work that’s more personally fulfilling, or – creates a better environment for what YOU want out of life.

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  1. when I used to work landscaping everyone there went above and beyond for no extra pay.. skipping lunch and forced overtime.. those bums still work there to this day getting payed the same and I’m getting paid 5x as much for way less work

  2. Can’t help but be curious. For all the people saying they’re done working to barely be able to afford gas, groceries etc; what will you afford when you quit? Like how are you making your money now? Living off savings? How’d you have a savings if you can barely afford groceries. I’m confused.

  3. I work 10 hour days and can barely afford rent. I keep working but haven't eaten in a few days now. So where I'm sitting, work is not worth the time. Now that I realize this I won't be doing anything above and beyond. They don't care about me, I don't care about them. Any company paying starving wages does not deserve to run a business.

  4. Plus working 12 hours with no 15 min. Breaks is ridiculous. But I came to find out employers can do that in my state. And the company I just started working for wonders why people leave after a few days.

  5. Yeah I've been switching jobs a lot this last year. It's really rough but I'm getting tired of working 50+ hours a week and beating my body up. Plus employers really don't give a crap about you.

  6. I am not getting paid but expected to go to work and take care of covid infected residents. The company is violating labor laws not paying me but still wants me to show up for work. This place wonders why no one stays long. Hours and Wages now got involved to collect what is owed. I honestly don't care to do anything but bare minimum until I find another job.

  7. My wife worked 21 days straight and is salary based only… Oh yeah, and she has built up a maximum amount of vacation days (which means she can no longer accumulate additional vacation days, even though she is supposed to add time every month and worked 21 days straight which does not include all the other weekends she would work and the management would still complain if she has a doctors appointment) , that was months ago.

  8. I have no incentive to overwork myself at my current job. I have seniority and get priority for the most part regarding PTO requests.
    I’m not interested in a promotion since managers are overworked and their job not worth it for me. I am interested in saving my energy for my second job (see 4-5 patients with private insurance) that I love and to focus my energy on starting my private practice providing psychotherapy. At my current job, I give all my energy to my clients but pleasing providers and management are the least of my priorities.

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