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  1. I was wondering if you were ever going to make a crypto video again. The 4 year debt cycle coincides with the Bitcoin halving and the Fed can't stop printing money, so BTC will continue to rise. Plus it's global, while inflation in the U.S was bad it is/was and catastrophe elsewhere in the world. Hence putting your money in the Dollar if possible or BTC which was more accessible to the masses. The log charts have BTC peaking around 130k in Q4 of 2024.

  2. 12 months ago you were calling bitcoin a scam and couldn't explain the difference between bitcoin and Ethereum. Max still thinks people make ERC20 tokens on bitcoin. Max has legit no creditability on this subject and is rehashing what the REAL experts are saying.

  3. Great video, I was buying through out the whole bear market at 30k then went down to 25k down to 20k 16k and even friends of mine said to sell it all but I was still buying, now we are at 44k and in the last two months I made 300% on all my big cap cryptos + even bigger wins on small caps. I was not scared because I knew someday I'm gonna be up

  4. I gotta be honest man. I have trouble listening to content creators who had nothing to say on crypto for years only to come back when it's on the upswing to get clicks for their channel.

  5. If everything remains exactly the same BTC will naturally go up with inflation. However BTC circlating supply will drop in the long run when the amount of BTC that gets loss exceeds the amount minted.

    I also see property investment becoming less profitable in the future especially if our population starts to decrease. The birth rate per women has been in decline and i really don't see any sense in property demand going up when our population starts to decrease. A big portion of the money in property will be shifting and some will end up in crypto.

    If ETF becomes a thing it would bring trust which is a major concern with crypto currently.

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