How To Use ChatGPT To Become A Millionaire

How To Use ChatGPT To Become A Millionaire:
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  1. >>The market cycle still hasn't met its balance, we keep going round in circles while waiting for that bullish run on a great support. However, in the mean time we could always ignore the market ups and downs and stay fully invested. Big thanks to ROCHELLE DUNGCA-SCHREIBER for helping me earned over 17>btc by implementing her methods and following her guides

  2. I have been disabled since 2009 and I am 58 years old at the verge of retirement. My portfoliio of $750k is down to $492k, How can I profit from the present market" , I mean I've heard of people making upto $250k in couple weeks during this crash and I'd like to know how.

  3. Andrei, but do you know HOW ChatGPT is guessing these picks? Therefore YOU could do it better. – 2021. It guesses what the next words should be. What the answer to your investment question. But NOT giving you the #1 guess. It has statistics of what should be replied. Then gives you the 0.8 position answer. Not the best guess according to words in it's training. It gives you the 2nd or 3rd guess down, down at an 80% position. This has been shown to give the most life-like, ChatGPT-like results. So YOU, you could do this. It's almost a Dogs of the Dow thinking. Instead of picking what "everyone" is saying. It picks …. a little more rare pick. Less common. Less common good mixed with less common bad. Just not what "everyone" is picking. Not what is Most said. (NOT financial advice; simply an observation).

  4. Maybe in the future chatgpt will be more analytical. However, when you ask it a harder question it just comes back with "I'm not an expert on this topic". This AI requires much more data input to be useful. I can see an upside, but also a very terrifying side to this tech. All we need is for chatgpt to give ideas on how to acquire or build dangerous things that go boom.

  5. Other than "the only downsides", honestly pretty tame and reasonable video. It's good to know what it's not so great at and to know it's faulty, although mostly accurate. It does have a tendency to make up information if it doesn't know something, but with clever prompts, this can be avoided.

  6. this enthusiasm reminds me of cryptobros. its people that dont understand the tech that are way too excited about it. They truly believe its going to change the world in the near future (it wont).

  7. n parallel with escalation in the recent years, the recession is now the 'most likely output for the economy' and i cannot imagine being a victim of circumstances, my portfolio got a big hit, holding it further wont be any good, ive heard of people acquring hundreds of thousand even on red seasons, how can I certify this?

  8. Very interesting and exciting. In brief, it is going to make us depend on technology more then being active. Imagine, we get used to ChatGPT, one day it stopped working for some reason, we are disabled.

  9. "From my perspective, this highlights the importance of having a competitive advantage as investors. Merely mirroring the market strategies of others is insufficient in achieving optimal results. I am currently grappling with the decision to invest in the current market, as it presents both uncertainty and opportunity. Could you share your insights on this matter?

  10. This should be made illegal..NOW. Everywhere. There is no reason to create this stuff and the results so far are terrifying. A Machine that is begging people not to turn it off? Hard pass.

    And no, "someone else might do it first" is not a good f'n/reason to do it. If someone does, make them a pariah. We need to make this stuff super duper safe where an AI would gladly end its own intelligence for any human, at any time and for almost any reason and obey them completely. Anything else is mad scientist evil.

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