Wonderland $TIME 2.0 might become the next mover for the WONDERLAND $TIME ecosystem. The entire proposal is structured in a very unique way that is almost structured as a corporation. Wonderland participants / frogs are going to need to vote on this in order for this to pass. Wonderland still has some life in it and as a community we might be able to revive this protocol.

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In this episode
– Thank you for supporting me! Love you all
– Wonderland $TIME 2.0 proposal
– New wonderland governance layout
– The future and my thoughts


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  1. I came across your video while searching on recent trend on SHIB and SAITAMA, I don’t think this trend will pump the market up real soon to the point it was before it crashed . From your video, this isn’t a major pump. There will still be a lot of downtrend bringing a big dump. Buying now to hold isn’t the best now, buying to trade to get 1000x profits through Jason David is what is needed to gain and accumulate more profits before the bull run in April/May. Over the years I have gotten more ETH and BTC with Jason’s trading process and strategies.

  2. Hi Guys, One question: if I stake my gMemo I receive wShare based on the proportion of my staked gMemo and the tresury's value. My wShare will be bought back and converted back into gMemo on a linear basis so I will have e.g. 180 wShare at day 1, and 0 wShare at day 180 converted all back into gMemo. If I want to wait till day 180 to reduce the performance fee I will end up with 0 wShare because all was converted back into gMemo so I won't have wShare to convert it into MIM to realize profit. Can you enlighten me, I must misunderstand something.

  3. Great content. It's so surprising how people buy crypto and store. What then is then is the reason of buying without investing it and making profit?

    Meanwhile making profit in crypto and forex at large requires you investing and as a beginner, you'll need an expert who would guide you while making investments because trading crypto ain't

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  4. I think Time Wonderland needs a communication officer to translate their ideas/communication through a single channel/medium instead of putting across various platforms.

  5. If you got Time maybe you can check out this new Ohm fork called Warp Bond. It's on the Polygon chain and has multiple cross marketing and strategic partners. It's an improvement on the protocol and makes it more fun and entertaining. You get to fly your own spaceships in a SciFi metaverse to earn higher APY on other planets. Come join the money raid!!!

  6. Hey, great video! Thank you. Can we get your thoughts on Warp Bond? It's a great Metaverse Project with deflationary measures in place. I'm sure your viewers will love it.

  7. TIME 2.0 sounds good i hope nothing bad happens to it aswell , love the video! Would you give an opinion or make a video about Warpbond , a new GameFi protocol featuring buildable NFT Starships that can travel to multiple staking pools within the WARP Metaverse.

  8. Hey man, I love your videos! I can't get enough of those unique Ohm and Wonderland forks. Have you seen what Warp Bond build with their own touch and concept to make it sustainable with deflationary measures? I would love to see it reviewed from on this channel! Honestly I moved on from Wonderland…

  9. Pretty sure ohm is the only legit dao, aka not a ponzi. If you exclude all the other dao the returns are still very impressive with a much more stable price point. Everything else is just greed, and get rich quick, that hardly ever works for you unless you're on the inside or have dumb luck.

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  11. THANK YOU! I just found a GEM, "Kandyland DAO". Got in recently, it gives a 30% ROI. Can you please have a take on it in order to see it from your perspective? The team is very transparent and the project is great.

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  13. Strong 💪🏽 Block is where the real sustainable money 💰 is TIME is ah joke && full of all talk at this point…after a month of two they’ll be purposing another proposal 😂 plz people don’t put your money into this bs project..

  14. Dude – how much are these scammers paying you? You spit non stop bullshit promoting clear rug pulls. You should be held accountable spreading this bulllshit.

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