The "Shotgun SEO" Plan Of Attack! Beginner Friendly Search Engine Optimization Plan Of Action

What is your plan for SEO? Most don’t have a plan… Use the Shotgun SEO Plan to boost rankings and traffic fast! NEW UPDATE: Get my NEW 🏆 Affiliate Marketing Crash Course 🏆 for FREE, here:

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Learn the SEO strategy that will catapult your site in Google to get more impressions, more clicks & more traffic, FAST!

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In this video you are going to learn the shotgun SEO strategy. This is a great search engine optimization strategy if you’re brand new, building a new site with authority. But if you’ve already got a website that’s built and you’re really just looking to ramp up the amount of traffic you’re getting from Google, this strategy works well. You can also leverage this for youtube if you’re a youtube marketer because youtube is a search engine.

So step one is that foundation. You’re on wordpress, you got your, your sitemap set up and you’re tied into the search console.

Step two is keyword research. Now I’ve got probably eight or more videos on keyword research here on this channel. There’s free methodologies, there’s paid tools that I actually use the key right now just to give you a different reference point from it.

Really the key idea at this point is you want to go after long phrases, six word phrases, five word phrases, seven word phrases. So, uh, things like, uh, best baby monitor for a large home. If you’re doing baby monitors, right? If your niches, baby monitors, that’s a seven word phrase that’s super specific, that is the type of content that you want to create and you’ll create a list of all of these keyword phrases.

The goal here is to build relevance with a certain grouping of ideas, have a grouping of topics, and then you go leverage this and do more of what works. So phase one is that foundational site map, Google search console. Phase two is coming up with your keyword list.

Phase three is rapid fire content. These are the little beebees that are inside of your shotgun shell that get executed on. So you want to go publish literally a post a day, every day for 90 days and these can be quick.

After 90 days after you just brute force go through each and every one of those keyword phrases, quickly publishing something to the tune of a thousand or so words per post. You’re just feeding the algorithm with lots of content. Then you go in and monitor, so we’re now in phase four, right?

You’ve executed the content strategy over and over and over on Youtube. This would be 90 videos and 90 days on a blog, 90 blog posts in 90 days. If you can’t do one a day, then how fast can you get to? 90 is the ultimate question. If you could do four a week, great. Do that until you hit 90 B. What about 25 weeks or so to get you to that point, which is about a half a year, whatever it takes, you need to get to 90 or a hundred posts as fast as you can.

First off, you’re probably going to see new ideas that you didn’t write about. Google is automatically understanding synonyms, the the different variations of words and language patterns that you’re using, how they’re relevant to other topics and Google is going to start displaying your content for things you didn’t exactly write about but they’re relevant. You want to now create content on these items, but you’re also going to see some of your posts are getting lots and lots of impressions that they might not be getting a lot of clicks. This is probably because you didn’t make great content. This is when you loop back into those original pieces of content that you did in that first 90 day or 90 post push and you really go deep on them. You do more research, you do more on page optimization. I teach you all of the bits and pieces of on-page optimization in my free learn SEO class.


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  1. Hi Miles, Love your content. I have a question I would like to start a blog teaching others about finance and investing.
    I am trying to come up with a gameplan and just wanted to make sure if I got your message right.
    1) I need to connect my blog to Google Search Console
    2) I need to look for longtail keywords with a difficulty below 19
    3) I have to create 90 good blogposts using these longtail keywords as fast as possible
    – these keywords should be little themes within my niche, meaning I will create 90 little themes within my niche, right?
    4) I have to analyse my work on Google Search Console
    – I have to improve those posts which are getting lots of impressions
    – I have to create more content of those themes which are getting lots of impressions by doing Keyword Research looking for related keywords
    – I have to interlink those posts with each other (is that a Silo?)
    – after gaining authority by buillding out such a theme, I have to use that authority to link to a new theme and build that out using Keyword Research (should I use the suggested phrases from Google Search Console here or should I come up with my own Theme? If not at which point should I use the suggested/related phrases from Google Search Console?)

  2. Thank you for all of the wonderful, VALUABLE free content you offer!!
    When working on creating an audience, is it best to focus on creating blogs rather than videos? I think I might need to change my strategy…

  3. Thanks Miles. Just started my blog through your “start your blog post” on your site- I’m now equipped with a2 hosting and all. Quick question, on my blog, I’m planning on having a blog page AND and “daily quotes” page that has motivational quotes and my own take on them. With that said, will the webmaster pick up the daily posts on the “daily quotes” page or just the blog page? Depending on that answer, should I combine the pages together or is it ok to have them separate? Thanks Miles, you’re the man!!

  4. Hello miles. Man you are awesome ! Giving out all this free content is amazing. You are the reason I am now starting to build my website. Got a question : Lets say I have the money to invest that other people will write my blogs. Would you recommend that ?

  5. Hi Miles, I was just getting started with the Shot Gun approach and was wondering what to do with keyword phrases that are a different collection of words yet have the same meaning as a post topic. There are lots of keyword phrases like this (Volume 50-500 and SD below 20) would you title your posts for each keyword phase and duplicate the post info or just pick one keyword phrase and only do one post on that topic and leave the other phrases with the same meaning alone? Any help would be greatly appreciated:)

  6. Hey Miles…great stuff brother! Just found you last week, unbelievable amount of value 🙏 . Similar boat as you with my GF having a massively successful blog and my business is trying to chase her down…haha. We made some SEO changes and estimated visits per month organic DOUBLED within 4 days because of big rank increases (11k to 22k/mo). UNREAL! …and we're just getting started.

    Question for you: What do you think about buying existing domains with established DA scores? I know there's stuff to watch out for but seems like there's good ones out there on the cheap that could expedite rankings significantly. Thoughts?

  7. my only question is how do I keep on busting out content for 90 days, cause its hard to always come with something, especially everyday, do you have any advice on that?

  8. Thank you so much! More beginner SEO vids would be great! Your content is GREAT! I've been watching and applying as I go….approaching it like I'm back in school.

    Hands down, you post THE most valuable content! I REALLY appreciate it!

  9. Hi Miles, thank you for this. More Basic Videos please AND, please advise what to do if I am using SquareSpace for my Website so the Yoast option is not possible. Best wishes.

  10. Thank you Miles, I know you think I am a troll, but I am not, I hope you won't ignore me anymore. I had my doubts at the beginning because of one issue in your 6 steps, but I am binge watching you and I appreciate what you are doing.

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