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this video is all about SEO. Specifically. We’re going to answer the question, “What is SEO?” You’re going to understand how to do it and I want to put a new perspective on this idea. So even if you heard of SEO and you know what search engine optimization is, we’re going to go deeper than just the definition. Now before we start, I don’t sell SEO courses. I don’t do SEO services. I have nothing to sell you at all. I really want to help you understand from a new perspective what search engine optimization is so you can become a master of it and obviously I’ve said it multiple times already. S e o stands for search engine optimization. It’s ultimately the process of designing, creating, and publishing your content in a way that the search engines are going to love.

Therefore, you and your content will rank highly. Now we’re going to go into the theories of how these work.Now, search engine, we’re going to start there, right when we talk about search engines, there surely are hundreds and hundreds of different search engines, but we’re really talking about to number one is Google and number two is youtube. Those are the number one and two most common search engines on the web. Sure, there’s bing, there’s Yahoo, there’s duck, duck, go.

For this video, we’re really talking about Google as number one because of the massive amount of traffic. My wife’s website has generated over 33 million visits. Most of those have come from Google because of the content we created and how we created that content. This channel you’re watching here on youtube gets displayed for thousands and thousands of keyword phrases. Most of my visits, and most of the people who have found my videos here found me through the search engine of youtube. Many found me from the Google search engine actually. And that’s how I’ve grown this channel to about 6 million views in under three years and over a hundred thousand subscribers in under three years.

So let’s break this down. First, you need to learn and understand how the search engines work, and probably more importantly, how the search engines make money. Okay? So when we understand the platform, what their goals are and how they operate, we can then understand what we need to to become a positive partner, because that’s the true goal of SEOs become a powerful, positive publishing partner to the platform. A lot of p’s right there. So what, how does Google make money? Well, Google has essentially turned itself into the question answer provider for billions and billions people every single day. Google makes money when a user searches for a question, searches for a topic, searches for something, and then the relevant results are displayed with advertising above. And when a user clicks on the advertising, that’s when Google makes money. Okay. On Youtube, it’s a very similar situation, but it’s all done with videos, okay?

If Google starts getting terrible results or if if youtube starts giving rubbish results for your searches, you start searching for how to fix a Kenmore washing machine and all of a sudden you’re getting how to fix a lawnmower videos. There’s a mismatch in relevance and you’re going to stop using that platform, which means they’re going to stop being able to display their advertising, which means they don’t make any money.

You go somewhere else and it’s game over for them. Is this making sense? If Google users start having bad experiences from searching on Google, they’re going to go find another search engine that they enjoy more. Same with Youtube. So first and next thing is how does Google and Youtube operate?

Well, the first thing they do is they build an index. It’s essentially a database. This means they go out and they’ve actually literally tried to understand a, they try to find every single page in existence, every single website on the Internet. And then they build an index. They catalog each and every one. Do you remember the Dewey decimal system at the library? It was this big card catalog and you went and you pulled it in the drawer and you’re looking up the topic or the book title and it said where to go find it.


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  1. what is the cheapest domain website you would recommend for anyone starting a blog? ty so much for doing this… truly appreciate you!

  2. You are really Miles "The most helpful entrepreneur" Beckler!! I love your videos. You teach and you motivate at the same time …that is the best combination of creating extremely powerful students. Thank you for all your work.

  3. Thank you so much. You described SEO in a most creative way and I literally visualized those spiders you were talking about like a scene on Matrix. 😂 But the easiest way to understand it. Any content or content creator you can recommend about story telling? I tried to bringe watch most SEO vids and yours is the most helpful. Watching more of your videos. Subscribed 😊

  4. Love your positive vibe and that you encourage people to follow their dreams to start their online projects. Useful tips in your video, so keep on teaching people!

  5. Hi Miles, do you have a podcast at all? I just discovered you and binging on your content. Would be great to download and listen to on my morning commute on the London Underground. Thanks

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