How to Build a Global Brand (7 Shortcuts I'm Using to Build My Brand Internationally)

If you want to be a big company, you have to build a big global brand. But how do you do that without spending hundreds of millions of dollars like some of these companies? Today I’m going to break down seven shortcuts to becoming a global brand. And best of all, you won’t have to spend tons of money.


So are you ready to build a global brand? Here are the seven facts that you need to know, to succeed and you have to follow these.

Fact number one, you need a blog.

I recommend that you blog at least once a week and keep in mind it’s all about the headline, if you’re looking for really good catchy headlines just Google Copyblogger headline formula they have quite a few that you can use. Don’t sell first, just educate, write in a conversational tone using the words you or I in sentences, use sub-headings so people can skim.

I also recommend that you keep your paragraphs short to around five, six lines max. And spend 80% of your time promoting, I know that sounds crazy I’m not talking about promoting your business like selling your products I’m talking about spend 20% of your time writing content, 80% of the time promoting the content like getting it shared on the social web, outreaching, getting people to link to you.

Fact number two, you have to take a omni-channel approach if you want to build a brand. Marketing is moving to omni-channel approach.

Fact number three, you need to be yourself. When you’re building a brand, whether it’s a corporate brand or even personal, you’re not someone else. But you got to be yourself plan to your strengths.

Fact number four, videos is the quickest way to build a brand, think of a popular personal brand, who are you thinking of? Now, whoever you’re thinking of you didn’t Google to find them you probably have seen them on TV or some sort of video. And that’s why I love YouTube, YouTube just drives so much traffic.

So 10 quick ways to skyrocket your YouTube views.

One, research keywords, you can use Uber suggest for this typing keywords, pick the ones that are popular.Two, use catchy headlines you can use tools like or more so Google Copyblogger headline formula to find headline formulas and variations of headlines that you can use for YouTube. Use those keywords within your videos, within your texts, push people to subscribe to your video. So when they start or when you’re starting your video always tell people to subscribe, make your videos at least five minutes, I ideally recommend that you make them closer to 10 minutes, leverage email s so whenever you publish a video email it out to your audience, use social media to promote your content, use SRT files and you can get them from places like and then hook people. Start with the awesome, amazing hook that’s like, oh really, I didn’t know that! Let me keep listening to find out more. And always ask for comments at the end of your videos.

Fact number five, you need to get personal to build a personal brand. What’s the best way to build a personal brand? It’s to build a connection with someone else. And when you build that connection you’re going to do extremely well.

Fact number six, repurposing gets you more mileage. So I take a lot of my content and I repurpose it and that’s what you’ll see with all my images and thus what they have in common. I’ll take them, push them everywhere, repurpose it with quotes, tell people to double tap. That model is easy because you can use the same videos or images all over all your social channels and get those likes and shares.

In fact number seven, you have to put in time. If you look at, Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Jordan, Michael Thomps they didn’t get great at what they did by just going out and just expecting it to all work they put in a lot of time and effort, the amount of time that they spent swimming or playing basketball, or you know, perfecting their business, it was just endless.

The reality is building a brand never stops if you stop, people will start forgetting about you it takes a long time, you need to keep pushing. And something’s better than nothing so do whatever you have, it isn’t a zero sum game.

Look, there are three types of people those that make things happen, those that watch things happen, and those are wondering what just happened. Be the person that makes things happen and grow your brand. I hope you enjoy this and I hope you start building a brand.

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  1. Neil Sir…Shall I republish my blog content on other channels like medium, Linkedin with minor changes?
    My friend told that we should wait for 2 weeks to republish our blog content on other channels.

    Will this trick help our SEO Activities?

  2. You said, You reload the video content on FB. But Don't You loose your YouTube engagement, if You load all the video on FB instead to put there an embedded link with Thumbnail? Thank You for your answer…

  3. I've been watching your videos since I discovered your channel and brand a couple weeks ago. Thank you so much for sharing all that knowledge with the world and providing so much value for free. Given the topic and name of my business, I'm very sensitive to that 🙂 I'm finding so many actionable points to grow my brand!

  4. Hey Neil, I have been following you for long, I need your help in optimising my website. Itry to buy the membership you have but I believe there is no way I can pay in INR

  5. Can I build my brand just with my name? I work with breathing and starting to create my online presense and I am wondering did I need another name than my real name? 🙂 I have tons of content created in the last 10years but now i am starting to publish it in audio and video formats….

  6. Hi Neil. Can you please advise, I have an internal outgoing link in my blog post and the same link in the widget, is it ok or its some kind of SEO mistakes?. Its like two the same outgoing links in one post. Thanks a lot!

  7. Thanks for the info! May I suggest that you make a review on a mobile app that I personally use called Pixe. It's a hidden gem for Instagram and I think that your subscribers would really love it.

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