Make $200 a Day on YouTube and Get 1000 Subscribers FAST!

Make $200 a Day on YouTube and Get 1000 Subscribers FAST! // Did you know YouTube is a sales machine? Would you like to know how to make money online with a small audience? In this video, I’ll be teaching you how to set up a successful YouTube channel that will allow you to start selling online, make more money, increase your online income and have a profitable online business!
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0:00 $200 Per Day!
1:09 YouTube Money
1:23 Your Channel As a Business

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  1. I've done pretty much all the things you mentioned and I'm not growing. I have not been as consistent as I had major issues with editing and equipment. trying to get past that now. its a lot of work so I'm trying to get subbies and watch time. i have to get both by next summer. uggggghhhhhh!!!!

  2. Hey Marissa, it’s been 4 days since I accidentally landed and subscribed in your channel. Since then I get addicted to follow all your videos because aside from being beautiful and responsive to all your followers, your videos makes sense all the time, it only means you always share honest ideas. I learned from you that FOCUS is one key to success. I kept trying to make money online for years already and never made a dime yet even haha so embarrassing I even get scammed many times to some trading platforms like crypto age, and more. And now I decided to follow your step by step training hope you could help me🙏🏻 just in case you have spare time to care to help this is my email address thank you! I am now your avid fan sweetie

  3. Hi beautiful!
    Legit you're so inspiring and I love your energy and motivation you put out into your videos. Which is why I watch all of them. 🌻

    I'm a unemployed mama with a 10 month old son and baby #2 on the way! (Due May) I really want to start making my own money again; it's been too long and I'm ready to start building and saving for my family. ❤
    I've been wanting to start a youtube channel for thee longest and I want to start taking action asap!

    I have a few questions though before I jump into it. I wanted to see which is the best way to contact you for some quick advice? If I could please get your personal opinion I would greatly appreciate it because I look up to you so much.
    Thank you in advance!
    Much love from Washington state! 🌲

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