Is SEO Worth it? Affiliate Marketing Case Study

Is SEO Worth it? In this video I am starting a new Case Study and I reveal if SEO is the way to go….

I show the results of what well optimized pages can earn per 1000 pageviews and I show how I obtained $3,000,000 worth of KW research.

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I have spent millions on paid ads and most of my business is centered around paid traffic but in this SEO Case Study I will show you “Is SEO Worth it?

I am going to share actual results of SEO and uncover real world long term SEO strategies to build an affiliate marketing website with SEO.

The first step you need to do is find a niche! Watch This video:


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  1. sorry pal but you are just a scammer like every other '' guru's'' out there. Telling people to join your website and get immidiate value and then try to sell them a mothly subscription for PREMIUM CONTENT for ONLY $197 A MONTH. You are telling us in your videos that you spend millions on ads and make millions in profits but you are asking from every begginer like me here $ 197 monthly. Shame on you!

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