Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time: Tips to Maximum Performance

Manage your energy levels to avoid getting drained from your large projects. Discover 5 proven techniques in managing your personal energy. Sustain your mental focus to get more things done during the work day.

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Table of Contents:
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Manage Your Energy, Not Your Time: Tips to Maximum Performance

In this video you’re going to learn what the energy management is and how it can help you be more productive.

Janis from Productivity Monster from over at Time Management and Productivity channels is going to break it down and actually show you how to implement it to get more done and end the day with a sense of accomplishment.

We all have different internal rhythms: Some of us are night owls, while others’ brains shut down after 10 p.m.

Through the use of energy management, you can bring your best performance to whatever activity that comes up, whether it’s being 100% present in conversations, contributing creative ideas in a meeting, or fully focusing on a critical task. You can achieve results that are far superior to the incremental gains you might get from time management techniques.

In short, managing your energy means being authentic at work and encouraging others to do the same. Discover effective energy management and as a result, you’ll be able to unleash greater performance as a team.

It will help you achieve better results in shorter time. You can try different habits to trigger and maintain higher energy states, but most important is listening to yourself in the process.

Thanks for watching, I hope you got some value out of this video and you have a much better idea of the best way for you to maximize your energy.

If you want to learn more about being hyper productive and crushing your day you can email Janis here for a free coaching call.

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  1. This was really helpful on a "root cause" type level. Thank you for
    this! It seems basic at first but all of these tips matter and the more
    you do them the more your life improves over-all.

  2. I typically have most energy early in the morning and late in the evening. Afternoons for me are when I can't get anything done.

    1 thing I've been experimenting with is the Ketogenic diet for the cognitive benefits and I find that my energy levels are much more stable throughout the day.

  3. Hello Jason excellent video about managing energy. Would be also great if do a video on motivations because as you know its the driving force to accomplish goals. Sometimes when goals look too far away we don't feel motivated to keep going even if we have energy.

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