I have a fear that I am missing out (Silicon Valley anxiety)

Today I want to talk about the fear of missing out that I’ve experienced since coming back to Silicon Valley.

Time codes:
0:00 What I do is not enough
2:31 Staying focused is one of the most important things
3:09 Why do I need other people’s approval?
6:37 The key points I would like you to learn from this video

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  1. Marina, great message! I’ve experienced it badly and that made me move out of SF – always feeling FOMO and not enough feeling, jumping from trend to trend.

    You are making amazing impact on the world! You are my role model. Don’t doubt yourself for a second!

  2. I think that's why I moved to Seattle and not Silicon Valley. You can focus on still building a huge tech company like Amazon and Microsoft but without the distractions. Although I do fear that I run the risk of not being in Silicon Valley, someone there can scale faster than me with the whole support network… so consider moving. It's a tough choice.

  3. Of coise this message brought much value to me! I’ve got myself feeling exactly this way many times so badly that made me stop working on my biggest dream. But I started thinking it doesn’t matter if I don’t have millions followers, if I can bless 1 person I’m happy cause he/she is the right one.
    You are blessing thousands of people by helping them changing their lives, I’m one of those. May I ask you to keep spreading your knowledge with this passion everybody can see through your eyes. God bless!!

  4. Great video thank you so much
    I really like this kind of videos , continue please please 🙏
    I'm actually following you in your channels except russian one it's hard to understand 😂
    For you : don't be disappointed things happen

  5. Not only is everyone's perceptions of success screwed by the internet/social media, living in Silicon Valley being around all of these successful businesses must skew this missing out feeling even more. It's that part of unhappiness that is what keeps us going to achieve more.

  6. Marina, it's time at stop comparing yourself to other people and think about your most important investment: YOUR FAMILY. Please do not burn out so we can keep enjoying all your content. My best wishes for you and your family, I'm a big fan from Uruguay!

  7. I went through same phase and concluded with same answer to myself. 😊 I kind of got in touch to myself and found who I really was I.e. -" I am curious little guy who loves experiences in life and not money ". I am with you marina when you had 50,000 subs and will always be there. We have a long journey ahead. 😁😃😊

  8. When I see all these successful people, I just think that we don't have the luxury of thinking about what we love and trying to do it … but rather doing it. We are here doing what we have to do … we are only forced to do it

  9. I can relate to you but never thought you being in a struggle. Keep your spirits high. Your supporter also mentioned you the first time when I was connecting to people at your place/ country. You are an inspiration and I think many are out there. Cheer up!

  10. It's happening to me right now. I see people doing connections and networking and I'm trying so hard to do the same, but i can't. I don't know if I am not doing enough or if I'm doing something wrong. It feels so bad. Thank you for showing this to us!

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