Millionaire Exposes The Jake Paul Financial Freedom Scam

Today, I bought the Financial Freedom Movement program by Jake Paul – here is my review as a self made millionaire – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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After spending an entire day on this make money online program…here are my thoughts:

If I were looking at this completely objectively, just from a cost standpoint…I think it’s a decent amount of information for $20.

However, the sheer amount of up-sells in this program is absolutely atrocious. You’d think that, for $240 per year…you’d get at least some type of supportive community behind it, some level of personal interaction, or something that’s really insightful towards building Financial Freedom…but, really, you don’t.

The way I see it, the entire concept was so poorly done, and for someone who’s build up an audience of nearly 20 million people…you’d think he would be doing other, more lucrative things…not masterminding a financial freedom movement, targeted towards young adults, with nonstop upsells and advertisements for more expensive training.

But, not all hope is lost…by going through this course, I did get my $20’s worth of entertainment…and here’s what I’ve learned:

One: If you want people to think you’re more important than you actually are, buy a whole bunch of fake instagram followers. Sure, people like me will know those numbers are all fake…but, that doesn’t matter, because the type of people to actually buy your program will have no idea.

Two: Always have an upsell. Once you get someone’s small investment, upfront..they’ll be more likely to proceed forward and buy even MORE expensive things, later…because you’ve already got them hooked in.

Three: You know what people love more than getting a discount? Getting a 99% off discount. So, go ahead and mark up prices as high as you can…just so you can bring them back down to pennies on the dollar, later.

And Four: The best way to make money online…is to talk about how to make money, online.

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  1. "After MANY, MANY YEARS OF DOING THAT. I finally achieved financial freedom now in MY LATE 20'S" Yea, must have been terrible. So Oooo many years to be financially free in your late 20's. Come on man. I know so many teenagers that are already set for life. You definitely failed.

  2. They obviously really disliked that you blasted their program based on the 1.3k dislikes on your video. Super funny. by comparison the video created after this has 418 dislikes

  3. 🤣 figures. You can literally call their next move and why they would choose that move. As fast as I heard of them and didn't even bother after the first video.

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