My Problem Spending Money

Here is exactly why I save so much money, along with my beliefs and philosophies on spending, personal finance and investing long term – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Here’s what I’ve realized, money is, at it’s core, really good at giving you OPTIONS. For me, it was the option of NOT needing to take work that I didn’t thoroughly like. I had the OPTION to pursue the endeavors I found the mot fulfilling and meaningful. I had the option to SAY NO to things that didn’t align with my priorities, and that – in turn – meant I could focus on what I was most excited about, and when that happened – oddly enough, I ended up making more money as a byproduct of thoroughly enjoying what I do, because that gave me the motivation to continue pushing even further.

That would NEVER have been possible had I built a life of high overhead, excessive spending, and luxury that I never needed in the first place, because that’s NOT the most effective way for money to be used – and by living really frugally and saving nearly everything I made, this type of choice became possible. From my experience, the REAL enjoyment doesn’t come from buying things…it just comes from having the OPTION to buy them, if you wanted to.

And no, this isn’t to say that I don’t spend money on anything…because that’s absolutely not the case….I now treat myself to sushi twice a month. BUT, that’s why I do my best to ONLY spend the money I make from my investments, and if there’s something I want one day…I’ll make sure I have enough invested to completely pay for it, otherwise…I’ll just continue saving.

That’s how, over time – I’ve gradually started spending a little more money and increasing my lifestyle, and then I can continue my current lifestyle of re-investing everything else, so that the investments can support whatever OTHER endeavors I choose for the future.

Because I totally believe it’s ok to spend more money, to do nicer things, to accumulate more “stuff,” and to give in to a moderate amount of lifestyle inflation…IF it’s something that’s sustainable. And for me, stepping it up a little bit each year is totally fine as my investments grow in value and throw off a little more income. As long as I keep my spending at THAT level, I’m ok with it.

By structuring my spending this way, I know my current level of spending is sustainable – and knowing that, it gives me the freedom to continue working on whatever I enjoy the most, and having the OPTION to pursue whatever I’d like – even if it isn’t the most financially lucrative.

Now, in terms of HOW I SPEND MY money…lately, my mindset has begun to shift;

For the first time in my entire life, I’ve begun to prioritize “buying back my time” – in the sense that, now, I can hire an editor on my second channel so that it frees up more time during the day to focus on here. I was able to happy to pay him as a driver so I can edit my main channel videos on the go. I’ve begun to realize that there’s only so much I can do on my own – and by outsourcing work, I have my time back to continue growing and expanding in ways that just weren’t possible before. To me, buying “back my time” is more important than any car, house, or “thing” that I could buy – because time is something that really is priceless.

So that’s why I save pretty much everything I make, while only spending what my investments make – because that gives me the most choice as to what I do day to day. And today, my choice is to ask you for a second time to smash that like button 🙂

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  2. GRAHAM! I have a question, and for anyone else who’d like to comment because I just generally curious about this sort of stuff and making money.

    So, I really have to ask…You know those ads were they pop on on different financial video that claim to teach you how to make tons of money? I’d like to know if they are real or fake. Can anyone answer this for me? I’d really appreciate it! Thanks!!

  3. Dude you are a milionere, you can have a cook, a shopper, a cleaning lady and so much more free time. I think you should even relaese less videos and take mor time for yourselve.

  4. I used to be a big spender and a poor saver, but COVID has made me see the error of my ways. Last few months I've been living as frugally as possible, saving the rest, and my quality of life hasn't diminished at all.

  5. I remember that one video when Graham said that being rich was like trying to roll 🎲 2 dice and getting a 12, since you've got a 3% chance of getting that, just like rich people are about 3% of the population. That thought stuck with me and had become sort of a mantra

  6. If you want to be successful have the mindset of the rich spend less and invest more don't give up your dreams, I pray that whoever likes and reads this will be successful.

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