Is Affiliate Marketing Dead in 2021? How to Survive With Affiliate Marketing 2021

Wondering if Affiliate is DEAD in 2021?

I can tell you with absolute certainty that most people will fail if they don’t establish some more competitive advantages in their affiliate campaigns in 2021. You need Affiliate MOAT and that’s what we will talk about today.

There is still a ton of MONEY to be made from affiliate marketing and it will NEVER DIE! You just need to be informed…

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Sorry if I insulted any affiliate managers – I have very good affiliate managers and I appreciate all that you do for me 🙂

Here are some helpful time stamps for this video:
2:00 MOAT
2:41 Brand + Content
3:45 Product Funnels
4:51 Look like an offer owner
5:35 Cut out middle-men
6:20 Hiding intel from AMs
7:38 Establishing relationships
8:34 DMCA
9:32 Listbuilding
10:58 Optimization strategies

The affiliate marketing industry in 2021 will be fierce…If you plan to get into paid traffic understand that it is a constant rip and run circus. Content marketing will always win long term so I think everyone should have content in their overall marketing plan.

Everyone is contantly trying to steak your campaigns so that is why it is important to build yourself campaigns that have more competitive advantage.

The lazy “auto-pilot” driven affiliates will likely see that all of their campaigns will be dead in 2021.

Auto pilot affiliate campaigns do not exist.

If you are a newbie don’t be discouraged. You can win in this game. I suggest you follow the tips in this video so you can build a real legitimate affiliate marketing business in 2021.

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  1. I'm interested about this business. But biggest concern is knowing that millions of others are doing this. I had my dropshipping store and failed after 1 year i just closed the store. Needed too much money for advertise and maintain and didn't have any sales during 1 year. At that time i just opened that store, because saw videos or blogs that people have made some money from it. and making the store wasn't expensive. This was good lesson for me.

  2. I never worked so hard in all of my life (including construction work) and spent more money to get so little return than I did in affiliate marketing!! So glad I am a manufacturer now!! I will NEVER do affiliate marketing again!!

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