HOW TO DO PAID ADVERTISING – Fill Your Funnel With Paid Ads – Traffic Secrets Book Review #9

Fill Your Funnels & Leads By Knowing HOW TO DO PAID ADVERTISING
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In this video I want to be talking about how to fill your funnels up using paid advertising. i talk about the best ways to control paid traffic to get more leads and sales. Now that we are learning how to build our list, I will be talking about how to build your brand online in 2020 What are the best ways to increase traffic in 2020? This chapter talks about how to fill your funnels up with paid facebook, google or pinterest traffic.

Paid ads are the holy grail of running a 9 figure online business! so we will dive deep into how to run profitable ads that pay for them selves

You need to control your traffic by building an email list, I show you how to do this from scratch. If you can learn how to properly set up your email automation, you will be able to build a strong email list with strong email opens! If you are looking to learn email marketing, this video will go over the basics and advanced topics of how email automation works! There is traffic you control and there is traffic you earn. I will talk about the differences in this video, then convert that into traffic you now control. We are going over the traffic Secrets book chapter number four talking about traffic you earn or buy.

HOW TO DO PAID ADVERTISING – Fill Your Funnel With Paid Ads – Traffic Secrets Book Review #9

Join me as I read excerpts and teach key frameworks from Chapter 3 of Russell Brunson’s “Traffic Secrets” book.

the new traffic Secrets book has a total of 20 chapters and I will be teaching you every single day how to generate leads for your online business. It’s important to understand how you’re doing customer is in order to properly generate and get traffic to your online businesses. Remember you don’t create traffic you just find out where the traffic is and you give your dream customer what they want and you help them go from a problem to a solution or from Pain to pleasure..

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