80 HOURS for 100 KEYWORDS | Aspire 213

This is my complete process for doing YouTube keyword research. If you have a channel or are thinking about starting one, this is the gimmick free way to find your best ranking opportunities and insure that you make videos people actually want to be watching.

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80 HOURS for 100 KEYWORDS | Aspire 213

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  1. Hi Jason: I just downloaded your UTM builder. When I clicked on the link for this UTM builder, which was in your description below the youtube video, is this the data shows up in analytics? So you can determine, which link and which video is producing leads? Also, if someone clicks on the same link, but it was inside the video as a Youtube card, does it also show up in Google Analytics? I'm new to this and it's a bit confusing. Thank you.

  2. Great! Wow.. very interesting..
    btw I’m a big Firefox fan. But those other browsers you suggested are all chromium based.. so FF is best.

  3. hello Jason. I want to build a social media agency and im currently have a question about landing pages. Do i need to buy for every customer`s Landing Page a URL? Which Landing page tool would you recommend?

  4. Thanks for making this video – it's very interesting. I use those plugins but they are painful to use when planning my overall video strategy. The VPN is an interesting idea I had not considered. I'm also trying out a new service called TubeItUp. Have you had any experience with it? It seems better organized than the plugins, but curious on your take. Thanks for all you do!

  5. Thank you Jason for this video .
    Sorry to ask you a question not related with this video and hope have an answer 💪😜☺️
    In marketing funnel , before sell the affiliate product or service , we should at first to give a value in content before selling .
    But unfortunately I can't have the idea for the best content ( content research ) :
    1- have you a planning or idea where can I find the best content using a free methods or a paid methods ?
    2- if the affiliate product is about FB ads , what is the value can I give before sell , I give the same content existing in FB course ?
    Thank you so much iam very happy to know that.

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