How to Promote Affiliate Links: NEW Affiliate Tutorial 2021

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Anyone who wants to promote affiliate products, needs to know how to get traffic to his/her affiliate links. So today I’m showing you a brand new way to promote affiliate links for free on Google broader network – by using automation.


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Affiliate links need traffic. Without traffic, they won’t make any money.

So.. You’ve got your affiliate links… Where do you start sharing them? How do you make those sales?

Today I’ll show you how to use InVideo to create story-board videos that are very quick to produce, and get incredible engagement and traffic.

There are many channels out there that use storyboard videos to get 100,000+ views on YouTube per day. That’s a lot of potential traffic for your affiliate links 🙂

When you make “no face” videos using the way I show, you can produce a video in a couple of hours, including research time. That is much quicker than 6-10 hours it currently takes me to make each video on this channel.

The trick is to target affiliate niches where you can produce high-value videos without showing your face. For example: practical tips, household advice, dating, motivation.

Once you have the niche, then you need to pick affiliate products to promote. And then, I show you how to find awesome low-competition keywords on which to publish the videos.

Lastly, I show how to insert a strong call to action for your viewers to click your affiliate link – I get around a 5% Click-Through Rate (CTR) on my videos this way.

Hope you enjoy the video!

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Earnings Disclaimer: There is no guarantee that you will make any money by following the advice in this video. Your results will vary depending on your effort and other factors. This video is for entertainment and education purposes only and no guarantees are made. This is not financial or business advice.

*Affiliate Disclaimer: Any links you click might be affiliate links. I might be paid a commission for any purchases made via the links in this video.

Greg Kononenko
(The Caffeinated Blogger)


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  1. You mention the concept of “borrowed authority” by posting on sites like Medium. What are your thought on posting my blog article … the exact same blog article … on both Medium and my own site simultaneously? Would that help me build my own DA while borrowing Medium’s DA?

  2. Hi Greg, thanks a lot for the video. You havent mentioned what niches are restricted on YT, for example I would be interested to promote sweepstakes this way. Will it be okey? One more question, does YT allow shorten affiliate links to be placed below the video or it has to be some kind of bridge page? For example FB doesn't like them and it blocks them….thanks

  3. This is made with vegas pro right? 🙋‍♂️. I've been doing kinda similar videos and probably you should check me out. I'm kinda sure you'll find see a lot of cool info on this topic on my channel too.

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