3 Required Systems To Consistently Earn $10,000 Per Month Online

This is a NO SALES PITCH video… Learn exactly what it takes to create $10,000 per month online in this one video!

Just starting out? Great to have your sites set on earning $10,000 per month, but it all starts with your first $1000! Check out this video for how to earn your first one thousand dollars online: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUbYBsuvaaE

If you want to go through the math behind earning $10,000 per month to understand exactly how much traffic it takes, watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OA4D1oVDw5w

Personally, I think it is required to have your own blog… Or your digital home online, and if you want to learn how to start a blog, follow this free tutorial: https://www.milesbeckler.com/how-to-start-a-blog/

Ok, onto the 3 systems required to earn $10,000 per month online.

System number one is an audience growth system.

You need to have a way to be reaching hundreds. If not thousands of new people each and every day. Can you reach hundreds of people each and every day from youtube? Absolutely. Can you reach hundreds of vows or thousands of different people each day on Facebook? Absolutely. Specifically if you pay. What about on Google? What about on Linkedin? What about through a podcast?

Okay, so these are the types of content that you need to be putting out in order to reach more people and there’s usually a distinction at this audience growth level at this first system, and that distinction is how deep are your pockets? How much money do you have readily and available to invest in traffic?

The second system that you need to have in place is a follow up system. And this works in two different sides are two different levels of most businesses. There’s kind of some follow up that happens before the sale and generally there’s followup that happens after the sale. If you’re selling your own products, if you’re selling your own services, you’re probably going to make a lot more after the sale in those subsequent sales than you do on the first sale, right? So there’s two levels to this followup situation. Generally, this is done via email, but you can use retargeting and obviously you can do both of them. Now, again, when I got this brand you’re watching now, miles, Beckler brand going all in on email, I started my email list after six months of doing nothing but youtube videos.

I had published 150 or so youtube videos before I really started to work on that opt in report, that giveaway, et cetera. Now I use a wordpress blog as my home for my content and that’s where I have my opt in page for my free thing. That’s how people get onto my email list. I’ve taught in a previous video series how to build a funnel like this and I’ll link to that above. It’ll pop up above my head if you want to actually build an implement this kind of a system, I’ll show you how to do that in that video there. The big idea here is you need a system that’s going to allow you the ability to follow up with these individuals on demand. Now there’s a way to run Facebook ads along with a Facebook messenger list and you can follow up with people that way.

Then the third system you need to have in place is a monetization system. Now this can be something that you build yourself, which would require sales copy. You’ve got to learn copywriting, got to have good sales copy that’s going to emotionally trigger them and convince them to pull out their credit card and purchase because the value of what they’re going to receive is greater than the value of the dollars they’re going to send to you.

If you’re not good at communicating that value proposition or that value exchange, you need to be a student of copywriting. It’s so key and honestly good copywriting is going to help you in your audience growth. Whether you’re doing Facebook ads or blog posts or youtube, right? Cause the titles use using youtube. That’s copywriting and that’s going to distinguish whether you’re getting clicks or you’re not getting clicks a lot of times, so the monetization system, you need to have something to sell, you need to have a mechanism to sell it. You need the sales copy. That means you’re going to need to have a shopping cart and then there needs to be some sort of delivery.

I think affiliate marketing is one of the best business models to get started online if you’re completely new, because again, it eliminates the challenge of sales, copy of shopping cards or product delivery, creating the courses, et Cetera, et cetera. That’s a lot of work to really get done.

For my free course on how to make money online with affiliate marketing, go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tD97-K5TeE


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  1. Awesome video as usual Miles. The best tip so far I got from you is that I rewrote my website in the "you" perspective and it makes so much more sense. The burning question I have for you though is : Can you explain the wall behind you with the little mystery black doors? Is the wood fake? Why is the wood so deep in the hole? It is killing me! πŸ˜‚

  2. Hi Miles, I had the pleasure of meeting you and Melanie in CM a few years back. Your channel helps me sort through all the marketing noise so I can make the most out of my time, attention and $$! What you said about Facebook ads stood out to me. It sounded like you think FB ads are not worth using unless you have a pretty large budget, is that correct? I've been attempting to use paid ads on FB to get new subscribers into my funnels, but I'm wondering if this is not the right place to spend my small budget.

  3. Bang on Miles ! ⭐ You are able to get through to me. Waking me up to re-focus on what's truly important. Plus you make me laugh ! ☺ Good stuff – I will watch + listen for more as I grow my business based on your foundation RULES !

  4. YES! Love your videos brother! At $500 a month right now with ads…in two weeks we launch the shopify store….sent out google surveys to our audience and we are creating the product they want from us right now…cant wait for my first launch to practice my copy skills…does anyone have any good book recommendations or links for launching your first product or improving copy skills for sales pages? Thank you!

  5. I’ve been all over the place with my girlfriends cross stitching business. Facebook, Pinterest, SEO, email, etc. I took the message loud and clear; focus!

  6. Genius in simplicity! This is flawless breakdown of the components needed to be successful. Seriously would have shaved YEARS off of my journey (not that I'm at 10k πŸ˜…) had I watched a video just like this one when starting. I love that you are talking about affiliate marketing so much as a way to make up for a lack of experience. πŸ‘
    Speaking from personal experience it's so easy to get sucked into the "gurus" and try and build the entire third component right out of the gate. I know you get this every day, but again, thank you for all that you do and being a no BS resource to us aspiring entrepreneurs πŸ™

  7. Hi Miles
    Thanks so much for all your videos. I’m already working on putting out 3 posts a week at least (got 2 kids and a p/t job too)
    Please can you put up a few vids on the actual monetisation stage of a website? Perhaps for affiliate marketing or selling your own craft products/patterns. I’m confused about the beginning of it, getting leads, also how to do it without turning your website into a hodgepodge of popup ads πŸ˜• looks very unsightly.
    (I know my product is desirable because when i made it and shared images on FB, i received literally hundreds of replies from people asking me to make it for them or teaching them the specifics).
    Thank you. Love from UK

  8. Miles: My wife and I have not seen you in a while but we are totally grateful we found you today. Your work is consistently some of the most honest, instantly useful and very simple to understand. Furthermore, your analogy with the magnifying glass is undoutedely the most accurate explanation that can instantly change an entrepreneurs life absoutely and instantly, that is if they are willing to change. Thanks so much from Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  9. Realy helpfull as usual. I like the way you manage to give the big picture so that we can be startegic… And on the other hand you can explain the practical implementations of all the components. Brilliant. Tks

  10. I am your 2 years old subsciber. Never commneted. Today MATHEW WOODWARD posted a video and there he told that you have grown your visitors to 800k per month from mathew woodward's tutorials?

    is it right or he is lying?

  11. Thank you for another video that reminds us what we need to do. I love the engagement I have as I’m building my community. I believe my numbers are gradually increasing because I’ m engaged and give free info also. Thank you, thank you!

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