Stay Productive Working From Home

Copy these simple (but powerful) productivity tactics to master your time and cut the distractions when working from home. Turn your home work environment into a place you actually enjoy working from so you can spend more time scaling your business.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:36 – Set Intention
1:42 – Manager Time
3:06 – Bunker
5:02 – Cone Breaks
6:42 – End Routine
9:24 – Outro

Stay Productive Working From Home

Tips to Work from Home Efficiently For Online Business Owners and Freelancers

Do you want to know how to work from home effectively?

Have problems with procrastination and distractions?

In this video, I will share with you proven strategies on how to work from home effectively that helped me stay on track and get things done for my digital agency.

One surefire way to keep productivity up is to get smart about planning and scheduling your work day.

Before you even start working from home, make sure you know what your priorities are for the day, how long you think it will take you to get everything done, and what you will work on if you have extra time.

If you’re used to having a job or a boss, it may be challenging to stay accountable and be productive on what needs to get done when you’re working from home as an online business owner or a freelancer.

All of a sudden, as a telecommuter, you can set your own hours and do what you want, whenever you want.

Self-discipline is extremely important if you want to work from home, as well as being a master of time management to not get beaten up by procrastination and distractions. You need to ensure that you’re setting a schedule and action plan and stick with it.

So, if you want to get more productive and move your online business forward, make sure to….

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Staying productive working from home doesn’t need to be hard.

I hope this video guided you on how to work from home effectively so you can get things done for your business.

Be sure to watch my other tutorials so you can learn how to create an organization plan and set your goals for the coming months.

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  1. Thank you for the video. Jason can I ask if you have any recommendations, videos, or pointers on how you get good video quality. Wife and I bought a canon T7i for my trading commodities channel and I can’t seem to make videos as good as they look online like yours for example. I got a bunch of lighting from amazon but any kind of set up or lens advice would be awesome. Thank you very much for the content. !!!!!

  2. I work from home. I can manage my time pretty. My biggest complaint is robocalls. Just yesterday, I tied my record of 12 call. Today it was 17. In my opening greeting I ask the caller to please left a message, and I’ll get back to them. I can go all day and not get to responsive replies, but the middle of some sales dribble.

  3. Thank you soo much. Your videos are awesome. I'm learning a ton of awesome tips to be able to apply to my own channel. This video is definitely gonna make my remote days alot more productive

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