5 Steps To Overcoming Imposter Syndrome – Today Is The Day You Break Through!

Imposter syndrome affects creators, entrepreneurs and artists by the millions. Learn how to overcome the feelings of not being enough, today…

As mentioned in the video here’s the subconscious reprogramming meditation you can listen to daily to help reprogram your operating system – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu5Dpw_PSuo

I cover more about how and why this works in this post here- https://www.milesbeckler.com/rewire-your-brain/

And for the last point, focusing yourself on your audience… This post goes deep into how the law of attraction and the law of reciprocation actually works seek and understand why this is beneficial at a business level – https://www.milesbeckler.com/law-of-attraction/

And while you’re at it you might enjoy my video on the law of attraction here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eP9SqusSJQM

In this video, you’re going to learn exactly how to overcome imposter syndrome. Specifically, you’re going to learn the five keys that I’ve used in my life to overcome this myself because if you’re moving your life in a direction of doing something that you’ve never done before, that none of your friends, your family members or your coworkers have ever done before, odds are you’re going to meet resistance along this path, and it’s going to come in a couple of ways. Number one is external resistance from these individuals. I mentioned, right? When you’re surrounded by people who are striving for mediocrity in their life and you’re shooting for excellence, there’s a lot of people that are going to think, Oh, don’t you want to be safe, or who that stuff’s risky. Your mom go, Charlie tried the internet stuff, man, that stuff don’t work.

Everyone on there is a scam, so there’s this ex ternal form of resistance that you’re going to have to deal with, but then there’s the internal form of resistance. That internal conversation we have with our ego that’s going to ask very rude oftentimes questions, at least for me, like who do you think you are or you’re not enough and I’m here to tell you you are enough and when you reframe your mindset based on these five specific principles, you’ll be able to blaze forward on your path confidently knowing that this is totally normal, right? Everyone who has created amazing things out of nothing and they had no clue how they were going to do it, they all deal with this at some point in their process of you’re feeling it. That just means you’re on the path. Let’s jump into the actual five steps. Number one is stay focused on who you are becoming.

Okay? There’s this whole like fake it till you make it thing and I don’t buy into that. I think it’s a bunch of bologna, but I want to ask you, who are you becoming? When I started making my videos, I started making them out of a frustration that I noticed a lot of people teaching on YouTube about digital marketing. They weren’t teaching at all. They were just trying to sell their overpriced courses. I bought into a couple of courses and they were terrible, and I was like, I know more than these dudes charging thousands, and I was like, F it. I’m gonna just make the videos myself. Okay? So in that moment, I committed to becoming the most helpful internet marketer online period. I’m the most helpful marketer in the world. I’ve kind of refined that down and I stay focused on this. Here’s what people can’t do.

No one can take that away from me because I can show up every single day and answer questions every single day. I could build forums where I’m there every single day answering questions every single day. I could email my list every, I can outwork everyone. Sure. There’s gonna be marketers who might make more than me. There’s be marketers who might be better at the game than me, but I can control how much value I’m giving to the marketplace. I went all in on that, and that helped me reframe my mindset of, I’m not trying to be the fancy mr fancy guru on a Hill. I’m a normal person who’s committed his life to being more helpful on becoming the most helpful marketer in the world. So who are you becoming and realize that it’s a journey from where you are right now today to where you want to be.

And that journey is the process of becoming. So you’re not necessarily trying to be the be all end all today. You’re in the process of becoming that. Okay, so who are you becoming and what would that person do? And then do those actions. Now you’ll get better at it. And I got better at making videos. I got better at teaching.

Everything has fallen into place because I stay focused on who I am becoming. So get focused on who you are becoming.


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  1. I like how you keep talking about the long haul. Once again, you are appreciated brother! Your marketing videos have brought more spiritual healing i 2 months then my ex-guru Church Pastor brought over an 8 month period.

  2. Great video Miles. Dealing with failure is so hard. Especially for those of us that are a little older and have commitments. Keep up the great work.

  3. 1%. Thanks Miles for the example and inspiration of a service mindset. Business is just value harnessed, so coming from a place of service works and works for everyone. Thank you!

    I'm to this industry and your channel. You have so much great content, that the challenge for newcomers is where to start and how to take a systematic, sequential approach. Can you make a video or resource that addresses, "if you don't know anything, not just the How of digital marketing but even What path to take, Which area/method to focus on, then thus is how you should consume Beckler vids/content to find your path and learn those skills, sequentially/systematically"….

    That's a mouthful but hopefully makes sense. A road map, beginning at the meta level, of how to navigate and take advantage of all the great stuff you have already put out there. Thank you!!

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