December 5, 2019 – [DFY Funnel Club] New FREE Business Announcement & 2020 Car Giveaway Details

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  1. Hey there Anthony ,I am not sure if u r going to get my message that i sent from my phone ? I have been trying to get my computer updated some of my keys dont seam to want to cooperate with me .i justseen that i can leave u a coment so I will try to see if u get this one. i dont know where download is i was hoping i would be able to get with the program no punt intented!!!!! i dont know how to tell u that i didnt even get to facebook ? I feel so stupid sure im going to get laughed at but i have a realy old laptop vista and its not letting me get new updates says google crome no longer works and I really have been watching and listening to u and then i get lost with such slow phone service  for internet to tether to my computer..i still am trying i could really use $100. and old truck i have no vehicle for years now i what to get at home job im not in great shape to do much of anything else well done give up on me is all im begging no just asking you to help me and be as paitent as u are I hope im getting most of my spelling right .           Goodnight and that picture of me is not current but I love the way i did my hair and painted the room i was in but that isint here now . u know how to reach me purplejamez..

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