What Is A Sales Funnel? – Understanding Sales Funnel Like A Pro Entrepreneur

Every business needs an effective sales funnel to attract potential customers and clients. Learn how to create a sales funnel from start to finish a simple tech-headache free way to get started.

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Table of Contents:
0:00 – Intro
0:32 – Funnel Stages
1:04 – Prospects
1:18 – Audience
1:45 – Leads
2:35 – Customer
3:12 – Traffic
3:31 – Landing Page
4:10 – Lead Magnet
4:38 – Sales Page
5:30 – Recap
6:55 – Outro

What Is A Sales Funnel? – Understanding Sales Funnel Like A Pro Entrepreneur

Sales Funnel Basics for Beginners: Learn what a Sales Funnel Actually Is

If you’re wondering what is a sales funnel, this guide is for you.

I’ll cover the basics of sales funnel strategy in simple terms to help you know what is a sales funnel and to guide you identify a plan and strategy to implement on your website.

Keep watching to learn how to grow your online business by creating a basic sales funnel.

Now you’ve probably seen a lot of different fancy looking sales funnel diagrams before, but in this video we are going to strip out all the fluff and get down the core of exactly what a sales funnel is and more importantly what it’s not.

The one process that helps sales reps turn cold prospects into hot leads is sales funnel.

In fact, improving sales funnel efficiency is among the top sales priorities you should have.

A great sales funnel will give you an insight into your potential customer’s thought process, challenges, and decisions.

The purpose of of your sales funnel is to get your prospect to make an initial or repeat purchase by guiding them through a series of steps that nurture, nudge, and educate.

The way to increase your sales and get more customers is actually to create a strategic funnel marketing between the first contact and eventual sale.

Your potential customer should be moving from one stage in your funnel to the next, on their own accord, because they have made the decision themselves based on their understanding of the risks and benefits at each stage of your funnel.

To increase actual sales in the sales stages of your funnel, you must pay strong attention to detail of your marketing campaign.

Work on the sales funnel stages when the potential customer will be looking for specific information and may have specific thoughts, doubts, concerns, or needs.

I hope you got to understand completely what is a sales funnel and what a sales funnel can do for your business.

So, if you want to start building your sales funnel from scratch, make sure to….

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I hope this video guided you on the basics of what a sales funnel is.

With these in mind, you’re ready to make the most of your sales process and build lasting relationships with your future customers.

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