Anatomy of a Blog Based Business by Miles Beckler

⬇️ Get 10+ additional free, valuable & helpful resources in the description ⬇️ Starting a blog based business is one of the best ways to start and grow an online business today. The startup costs are low and the income potential is very high.

For a step by step tutorial that shows how to start your blog, go here:

if you would like the free WordPress tutorials, 30 WordPress videos that teach you how to work within the WordPress blogging dashboard, go here:

In this video we use an analogy that your blog is an island where your goal is to attract visitors and to set up little shops that offer them content upgrades and even products to purchase.

You will understand from a big picture perspective what it takes to create a successful blog online. This will help you get the perspective needed so you can be ready to create a real and lasting blog that generates true business income for you for years to come.

The first key step required is to choose a niche for your blog and if you have not yet focused in on the right niche, go through my free “how to choose a niche” course here on YouTube:

This choosing your niche video above is just part one, be sure to seek out part two after you complete that video as it teaches additional niche selection strategies.

If you are in a hurry to choose your niche, you can always check out my five minute niche Finder method I revealed in this blog post here:

After you have decided on the niche that you are going to build your blog within, it’s important to dive into the customer avatar to really understand who it is that you are being of service to.

I published my full customer avatar course free here on YouTube:

Once you understand your customer avatar and your blogs niche, it is time to really Master the art and skill of blogging. To help you with this process I have created a deep dive “how to blog” course for you here:

Once you understand the big picture and you have your blog set up it’s important to focus on the actual process of blogging.

How do you go from an idea that your audience will be interested in all the way to the published and beautiful blog? To help you speed this up, I have shared my personal and exact blog process in this video here:

If you have a blog that you’ve been publishing to for a wild but you aren’t making any money… It could be the types of blog posts that you are creating.

In this video I show how to write blog posts that make money:

I mentioned the skill of doing keyword research being beneficial for your blog, several times in this video. Just to be sure you have access to all of my free and helpful keyword research tutorials, they are here:

Finally, once you have your keywords researched, it’s time to outline and write your post. For many people this is the longest process and the most difficult part of blogging.

With more than 10 years experience growing a blog that has reached the lives of 40 million people I have created a simple and fast process to writing SEO optimized content for your blog, quickly.

You can get that whole process explained with a step-by-step tutorial in this video here:

I know there is a lot of content about blogging here in the description of this video…

But it saddens me when people spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on courses that teach how to blog when the information is available free here on YouTube.

There are way too many scammers in the how to blog niche who are using unethical marketing practices and who ‘stretch the truth’ about how successful they are and how easy it was to get where they are…

Not surprisingly, these are the same people who sell their secrets for thousands of dollars…

It is important you avoid the pitfalls and traps that come with following these greedy gurus and fake gurus…

Which is why I laid everything out for you here today!

I wish you the best of luck with your blog and if you have any questions, ask me in the comments.

Your helpful guide,
Miles Beckler


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  1. Just wanted to say I totally vouch for your blogpost on step-by-step to use wordpress for starting a new domain site. I have almost no internet prowess and you managed to get me through it. Big fan sir. Thanks. I’m still in the island building phase and just working on putting out enough useful content to help people

  2. Something aint right MIles … I thought I was linking to your site to gain access to the 30 FREE WP Blog-making Videos but it takes me to your Social Ads Class . . . . . . . I'm sure thats NOT what you intended …….. viv

  3. Hi miles, I'm your big follower from India,

    I decided to start making a blog about baby-related things But I'm a 25yr old guy.

    Is there any chance to shine around on baby niche, besides the guy who doesn't have any experience about parenting and all?


    Baby niches only for married dad and mom?

    If yes can I able to gain trust and credibility from the people after publishing helpful content to them?

  4. I signed up for your free course. It's so hard to believe that the course is free. I'm very grateful and thankful for all your content. I'm still in outline phase and brainstorming and researching. I will most likely make my first blog post by end of this week. Thank you Miles!

  5. Hey Miles.

    What white board software do you use and do you use a touchscreen monitor and stylus or how do you do this?

    I have MacBook and want to “write stuff on a white board” when I explain stuff but find it challenging writing on my touchpad.

    Thanks for your great content! This was a good video as always!

  6. Hello Miles I just signed up for your course 7 figure business blueprint. I have been searching for all month for a course and somone who truly cares about helping people to learn how to start and run an online business like affiliate marketing. Do you think 15 hrs a week is good amount of time to start a successful affiliate marketing business?

  7. Hey Miles, I commend you for giving great content about blogging and teaching us how we can do business on it. So far you're one of the few online entrepreneurs that have a sense to me because all your contents are informative and easy to understand. Keep on making great content to educate people like me who have just started learning how to make potential business online, and don't know that much yet how things online gets done. More power to you and your business.

  8. Love the content you put outhere. Huge amount of great info. Thanks mate.
    I was wondering if you could do a video on the right side of the law for blogs that could explain things such as Privacy policy, cookie policy, disclosures… You know all that stuff that almost noone cares, but it needs to be there, thanks!

  9. You're a gun Miles. I checked out your wife's website and signed up for her mailing list, and yours. I just love you guys! So much value to give. Her voice is so soothing too. What a team!

  10. Hey man! Just wanted to tell thanks for the great inspiring content you put out there! Your work make me think of starting a blog about my hobby which is diecast cars that I could turn in to a lifestyle that supports me and my family. Anyways keep up the good work 🙂

  11. Thanks Miles! Your step by step instructions are the only reason why I created a blog that I now love. You make it so easy for anyone to get started and to keep learning along the journey. 💜✨

  12. If I have domains registered and wp-hosted , is it possible to get them moved to your 'preferred provider?'

    I'm paying about £10/m, per domain for wp-hosting and it's not even complete (IONOS = ripp-off in my opinion)

  13. Really personal message this one. I have to take time out… l have been battling a crippling Opiod pain killer addiction for many years and now my health is very poor. I need to take time out to recover. I have all the attributes to be a success… l need to get my head down and fix this affliction… l will be back stronger than ever! .. l be back online mid April.. Good luck Miles! Watch me fly in the second half of the year!

  14. Hands down, Miles is the best! You rock, man…if there was only a "magic pill" for just DOING IT…avoiding distractions, avoiding the shiny object syndrome…just DOING it…

  15. I imagine you sitting all day and coming up with these great analogies to explain digital marketing. Internet Island theory

  16. Hey Miles, Thanks for all the great content! For marketing on FB, can it be effective using just the FB Page instead of a personal profile? I use a page but don’t use my personal profile. Thanks! Dan

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