How To Use The Law Of Attraction – The Secret To Creating Everything You Desire!

There is 1 core step in the Law of Attraction that everyone get’s wrong! In this video you’ll reveal the secret so you can create the life of your dreams with the LOA.

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Ok, onto the video!

Hey Miles here from in this video, you’re going to learn all about the law of attraction. Specifically, you’re going to learn how to leverage the law of attraction to create the life or the business of your dreams.

You see, most people who teach and think they understand the law of attraction are missing a component. At least one. There’s three components to really getting the law of attraction done right in your life in a way that you actually create the reality that you want. Most people think it’s a one or a two step process. So this video will reveal the third one. And you’re gonna understand how all three of these pieces work together to ultimately put you in a position to create more of what you want. So how did I learn this personally? So when I was in my twenties I was creating a reality I did not love, and it was all creation and I was attracting more and more problems to me.

One after the next. My relationships were constantly failing in a very similar fashion. My banking situation was a mess. I was constantly bouncing checks and, and overdrafting my account and always kind of fearfully looking at my account statements to see how much money I had and I got rent coming up and all those kinds of negative vibrations, if you will. And then at some point things started to shift for me and it shifted because I went on an internal journey. I started reading the books. I actually got handed in Napoleon Hill’s think and grow rich book by a, an investor I worked with at one point in time. And then I was handed the original first version of the secret DVD. The one with Abraham Hicks went down the rabbithole of Abraham Hicks as law of attraction book from 1985 Wallace wattles book from the late 18 hundreds of science of growing rich.

So I spent about two years, I’d really kind of cut myself off from, from the outer world and I took time to what I would say is uh, kind of unlace or untie all of the messy connections I had in my head in order to really tie them up in a new way to get me on the path of creating my own reality. And even then, it took another five to 10 years to really figure this stuff out to where today my life is absolutely magical. I make more money than I ever thought I would and I’ve had lofty goals in that world, have attracted the love of my life into my life. I live in some amazing places. I have plenty of space. It’s literally by design. Now here are the three levels and the three kind of components that you need to work with.

The three variables that you need to always be working with within the law of attraction. Number one is your thoughts. That is the key and most important place to start. That’s what I had wrong and that’s what all those books helped me sort out was to get my thoughts going. Straight. Number two is your vibration. It’s your emotional state of being. It’s how you feel. That’s the second one. And then the third one, and you probably can’t see, I’m tapping on my belly because I’m, I’m referring to your will center now or to your gut instinct here is the actions that you take, right? So it’s thoughts, feelings and deeds. It’s thoughts, it’s your vibration and it’s the actions that you take are all three. And most of the teaching around the law of attraction fall really, really short on the action side of things.

And ultimately to create the life and the income and the lifestyle and the relationship that I have, it’s taken an immense amount of action. I still put in 14 plus hour days building the cash flow systems and the business systems and the teams, et Cetera, et Cetera, to kind of help me live this lifestyle that I’m living. And what we’re about to do is we’re going to go deeper into each one of these levels for you in this video here, today.


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  1. Do natural popular personal development program that designed by well known motivator like Mofedest Miracle really work and if so, how effective are they? We've heard many awesome things about this popular manifesting and law of attraction program that created by well known motivator.

  2. The most important part of this video: The Blueprint to the law of attraction:

    "I know that successful entrepreuners like Miles CREATE lots of content, to give VALUE to OTHERS, then you start making blog posts with the SOLE GOAL oF HELPING OTHERS, now you are on the right path. Now here is the trick: "Ive been making videos for over 1.000 DAYS and made around 530 VIDEOS. You gotta DO that OVER AND OVER again for a SUSTAINED PERIOD of TIME (…) in order for you to grow an audience. But its all the work I was doing for over 1.000 Days to build that audience. And before that it was all of the 5 to 10 YEARS OF WORK I was doing on my MINDSET!!!!"

    Miles is Gold!

  3. I’m 50, have been studying this kind of mindset stuff for almost all of that 50 years, and I don’t think I’ve understood it until this video. Thanks Miles.

    I’ve been getting a scary intuition to do a podcast. Gonna go for it. 🙂

  4. In my experience it’s all about releasing attachment to ‘wants’ (I.e. want=lack) as well as avoidance of what we do not want.

    Paradoxically our desires push things away from our reality and the things we avoid keep coming back and manifesting again and again (as if the universe needs us to learn the lesson)

    When we can release these two sides of the coin, and fully appreciate what we have right now, then action is effortless.

    If you’re locking yourself in a room and visualizing and trying to manifest (I’ve been there too) then you’re deep in avoidance. But on the other hand if you’re working and ‘grinding’, but you don’t truly believe you can Have… then you’ll just end up spinning your wheels

    You gotta balance the ‘real’ work with the spiritual stuff. Taking action brings up new roadblocks, limiting beliefs, etc that need to be addressed internally. I don’t think you can really be successful if you neglect either aspect

  5. Thank you. I'm not sure where this moment of inspiration will lead, but I'm inspired. Being in the doldrums for several years now I have a constant yearning to self improve but feel stagnation due to the lack of positive influence and successful role models. Today while watching a how to video here on you tube, with the intention of watching a political news program after that I missed yesterday (that produces negative feelings), I saw one of your videos in the "suggested videos" which is completely unrelated to any of the topics in my previously watched YouTube videos. I began watching this video with a lot of interest and intrigue…reading comments about the 90 day Challenge, which I'm still not clear on; however I decided to jot down some notes and unclear on todays date to put on my notes, I checked my phone and had an epiphany…today is July 27th, 90 days until my birthday. Whoa, I'm off to dig into this 90 day Challenge mentioned here with some fire in my gut and will absolutely not be watching that political program.

  6. I really needed this today, I was focused on selling more than giving value in my initial efforts in ecommerce, thank you very much, if it is possible I would like to know more how you manage to have strong thoughts in the right direction, because it is difficult to keep those thoughts when there are constantly obstacles.

  7. Great video!! Very inspiring and motivating. It's true that your mindset dictates the life you live. I notice that when I am in a great mood I attract nothing but good things. It is things that we just take for granted or don't pay attention to, but once you notice this pattern it becomes obvious that it is possible to attract all the good things in life. We just have to work on ourselves.

  8. Good stuff Miles. What are your thoughts on Reality Transurfing?

    Have you read the book or are you aware of the ideas? I recently slipped into the rabbit hole and I’m really digging it.

  9. Thanks Miles, been studying Law Of Attraction for over 40 years, and yet I still found nuggets of inspiration in your video.Congrats on arriving at this place you are at today!

  10. Great. Thank you Miles. This is so true. The past 30 days I've been on this path to change my mindset .

    It is not easy but I find as I listen to these types of videos my thoughts and energy are changing. I still find myself jumping back to the vibration and thoghts of lacking but I am getting better at catching it.

    Really liked the point you made about focusing on love and gratitude. I instantaneously jumped to when I met my wife and when our daughter was born. The emotional rush that came over me was incredible.

    Again well done. I've added this to my list of daily videos to listen to as I walk my dog in the morning and evening.

  11. Awesome video Miles! Very inspiring! Would you do a video about how to stop being a procrastinator? How to completely change your daily routine and get things done? Thanks! 💟

  12. So if you are retired and you want enough money to buy a house how can you action it? You can't. This video is just about making money by believing in yourself and working hard! I've imagined it, I've believed it, I help everyone I meet, am grateful for what I've already got, it hasn't happened. How many people here commenting have TRULY got what they wanted.

  13. Exactly what I needed right now Miles! I definitely need to switch up my morning routine, and stop reading emails/responding to yt comments/watching the news before putting myself in the right state to take on the day. I also love the gratitude meditation pre-content creation idea. Any good audiobooks you'd recommend for law of attraction? I guess I should also reread think and go rich.

  14. My dad started reading the book "Think and Grow Rich" in the 1970s and all those others on law of attraction. As a young kid, I would read them as they are on our book shelves. It is amazing! Add taking action, we all can have Amazing Lives! 😀 Cheers bro! Thank you!!

  15. Great video Miles! Love the integration of spiritual + business. I agree, inner work is so important and everything outer comes for that inner alignment. Took me most of my life to finally "get" that and I'm glad I did!

  16. Thank you as always Miles! I love this video, it reinforces all of the things that I've been doing for the last year-and-a-half. I really appreciate you sharing your energy and gratitude.

    Cheers from Arizona
    Jovany Lopez

  17. you are great, men! I found your (DIY affiliate) videos recently and I like the way you explain things very well and simple… positive thougths, emotions and wow that gut feeling…it blew my mind… I knew that there was something more to it! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the great content you bring to us… I hope I speak for all of us, that we appreciate you and your time and effort for creating all of these great videos (and god knows how many other blogs and podcasts, posts, e.c. …) If I have the chance to meet you in person in the future I would definitely hug you, my friend (hope that doesn't sound awkward). Bless you, Be well, Miles! (y)

  18. Miles with the emotional 'F' Bomb.. Impactful on sharing your point man! This video was awesome!
    You can also listen to frequency therapy music and subliminal affirmations to help shift your reality.

    I watched a video on Dr Bruce Lipton earlier today talking about the frequency and vibration of life. So it made me start to produce my next subliminal for Vibrating on the wavelength of pure love, wealth, kindness and prosperity. And then You upload this beauty talking about frequencies.. We're all interconnected!

    Bless you!

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