March 26, 2020 | [Newsletter Business] Sales Page Release


First off, I want to thank everyone that made it on the SC LIVE last night!

We had a packed house of students ready to support those most affected by the Coronavirus…

… and it really was a testament to the power of community and faith in trying times like we’re all facing now.

I showed everyone how you could help just by being on the webinar (watch the replay for information)

Also, we’re currently building out your Newsletter Business and I gave you some FREE assets to help you generate leads & crush sales!

(If you’re new this is entirely FREE business we’re building together that you’ll get to keep once we launch in a few weeks)

First, you got the “conversion busting” sales page 100% done for you!

You’ll also got the “opt-in” pages & newsletter drafts I bought from students last week for $500 total.

Again, this is completely free from me to you…

Here’s what we did:

1. Released sales page for their newsletter business
2. Gave you the 3 the opt-in pages we bought from students last week ($300 value)
3. Gave you the 2 newsletters we bought from students last week ($200 value)
4. Special coronavirus fund raiser

If you’re a new student you also got 7 businesses completely free on this webinar!

Here’s what you got:

– Your very own Done For You Funnel Club business (done for you)
– Your very own 14 Day Challenge Funnel businesss (done for you)
– Your very own Instagram business (done for you)
– Your very own YouTube Profits video training course (built for you)
– Your very own 8 Figure Formula book business (completely done for you)
– Your very own Inboxer Academy monthly membership business (again done for you)
– Your very own 7 Figure Email Strategies business that makes you $497 each time (and yes it’s done for you)

As you can see gave you not 1, but 7 new businesses that you can profit from and use instantly (my team built them).

One click and all of these are yours completely free during our training.

– Anthony Morrison

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  1. I have only just joined and cannot believe how much help and support there is for everyone. I am so glad that I have joined. I am so excited, Thank you so much Anthony!

  2. Missed the live SC session. Thanks for the replay. Invaluable content. Congrats Bob. Looking forward to hearing directly from Russell Brunson. OMG!!! Fantastic news! Don't miss it! Get on early for Thursday, April 2nd's, Success Connection.

  3. This is a very important training, I don't live in your timezone, but I make a point of watching the success connection training every Friday morning. Thanks for providing this very valuable information.

  4. This coronavirus is a great opportunity for you Anthony, because more people are in home and more people can listen to you.
    I also can't wait to help you, by writing webinar scripts for you.

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