Google Ads Remarketing/Retargeting With ClickBank – Complete Tutorial (Step-by-Step)

ClickBank remarketing on Google Ads – complete step-by-step tutorial. Watch behind my shoulder as I show you how to create remarketing campaigns for ClickBank with Google Ads.

Studies have shown that people have to see your ads/product 5-10 times before they actually convert, so remarketing is a great way to make the most out of every prospect you bring to your site.

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
2:04 – Add the remarketing code to your site
4:38 – Create remarketing audiences
12:43 – Create the remarketing campaign

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Add the remarketing code to your site

You cannot do any sort of remarketing without the code added to your site.

This is because you need to transfer your audience information over to the network you’re using, in this case Google, and let their code track how many people landed on your landing/thank you pages.

All you have to do is go into “Audience Manager” in Google, select the Google Ads tag option, copy the code provided and enter it everywhere in the head section of your website.

Some funnel builders like ClickFunnels allow you to add the code once to your entire funnel and that will automatically add the code throughout your site.

But if you don’t have this capability, just take the code and add it manually to every single page.

And that’s how you set up the tracking for ClickBank remarketing on Google Ads…

Now let’s move on to step 2 and create our audiences.

Step 2: Create remarketing audiences

Now you can click on the little plus sign when you first click on “Audience Manager” and select what type of audience list you want to create.

You can make an audience of people that interacted with your app (if you have one), watched specific YouTube videos (YOUR videos), people that visited certain parts of your website, make a custom combination of any or all of these, or upload a list of contacts.

To upload a list of contacts, you have to have good standing with Google Ads first, never have been suspended before and spent at least $50,000 USD over the life of the account – so if you’re just starting out this might not be accessible to you for a while.

We will select website visitors for now since we have a landing page and we can create an audience of people who visited our landing page but didn’t sign up, and another audience of people who signed up.

There are 2 ways we can do this.

a) we can create ONE audience of people who visited our landing page AND didn’t visit our thank you page.

b) we can create TWO audiences: one of people who visited our page and one of people who visited our thank you page. We would then EXCLUDE people who visited the thank you page when we create the actual campaigns.

If you want a more detailed tutorial on how to create highly-engaged audiences, I suggest you check out my remarketing courses at:


But for the time being, these simple audiences will suffice.

You can create as many audiences as you like, and once you reach at least 1,000 people in any list, Google will create a “lookalike” audience for you of people that match the characteristics of your existing audience.

But let’s head over to the next step in this ClickBank remarketing on Google Ads tutorial.

Step 3: Create the remarketing campaign

So now that we have the foundation in place, we’re ready to create our campaigns!

Head back over to your Google Ads account and you can either create a brand new campaign, or create an additional “remarketing” ad group for an existing campaign.

I like to create a new campaign so that we can allocate a specific budget for this new campaign.

So just go through the steps and fill in the blanks.

You should already know how to create either a Search of Display campaign in Google Ads by watching my previous tutorials and videos (and courses).

The only difference here is that we’re going to go into “Audiences” and select the specific audience we want to target from the list we already created in step 2.

You would then create a personalized ad for the specific audience that you selected.

So for people that already signed up, maybe you want to take them to a different offer entirely.

Or for people that saw your landing page but didn’t sign up, maybe you want to change the language up a little and see if that works better to get them to sign up.

And that’s how you do ClickBank remarketing on Google Ads!

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  1. Also, one more question: Should I need to run traffic from google ads to my funnel after pasting the remarketing tag? Or I can just paste the tag into the funnel and start creating audiences using the traffic I received frm google ads before pasting the tag?

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