My Response To Jubilee | Do All Millionaires Think The Same

Here is my response to the Jubilee video: Do All Millionaires Think The Same – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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1:11 I am self made

2:58 I know what it’s like to be poor.

4:05 I should pay more in taxes

6:48 I’ve spent an absurd amount on something, because I can.

9:56 Inequality is one of humanity’s biggest problems

11:58 My privilege has allowed me to become rich.

13:49 People judge me because I’m rich.

15:26 Money can buy happiness.

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  1. Can’t believe I didn’t see this video until now! Thank you for sharing your story! I can’t wait until the day I can tell my story of growing up in low income housing, surviving on food banks and food stamps from a place where I can finally say I made it out. I’m already so much better off than I was, here’s to more upward mobility 🥂❤️

  2. For me it's like that in the end with so called happiness. having enough money at least takes the fear of missin something and also takes your sorrows and worries that may makes u struggle around the time a day. Also called financial freedom I guess. Also also it just seems, I gotta say, that if you have also money kinda over to spend you literally can invest in the world you wish people to life in and of course its possible to have some influence even with no money, but as I feel sometimes as world is ruled by money it's necessary to have some?!

    Thanks for the vid man, appreciate you a lot!

  3. "Money just really has the odd ability to exaggerate our current state of mind for better or for worse"… so good Graham. Best thing I think I've heard you say on any video.

  4. When I think about my very low borderline 2.0 gpa and how it might affect my future in economics I look back at the fact that Graham didn't even go to college and probably had worst grade than me but still made his goal come true.

  5. The United States has a kind of low income tax rate, when compared to countries like sweden where effective income tax can be up to 75%. The states aren't even in the top ten highest taxed countries on the federal level. But I think federal, state, local, sales, property, and other taxes can add up.

  6. Absolutely not a first world concern at all. I live and work in a country considered third world (or an economically developing country (EDC)), expected to become middle income in another 15-20 years. How much tax everyone pays, from individuals and SMEs to large corporations, is a huge concern. The country I live in is extremely strict on tax and taxes at a high basic rate. However, there's extremely low corruption and a good level of trust in public services. You don't have to bribe anyone to get something done (it's very illegal to try). However, we're surrounded by other countries where bribes are the norm and the tax system is anyone's guess. Countries and regions that are just too big or too war-torn to administer efficiently enough for a tax system to fully stand up. Everything's done with a handshake. The thing is, in the country with a very efficient tax system and high tax rate, the shops are half empty and food is seriously expensive compared to the shops in lax administrative areas, because traders don't see any financial benefit to importing here. Also, people have less expendable personal income, so people just don't spend, making for an even smaller market and a slow street economy. Tax rates are absolutely a universal issue.

  7. Income inequality is utterly irrelevant. Income inequality is indeed a feature, not a bug, of a free society. As we are all different, in a free society, we will get vastly different outcomes. The only way to make us have more equal incomes is to live in a less free society, where it can be forced upon us – not good! The only thing that matters is that we have equality of rights, of freedoms, and that over time we have less and less people living in poverty. But "the gap" between us matters not a jot. I am doing okay but compared to say Bill Gates I am poor. But his wealth doesn't affect my life and my ability to earn in the slightest. It is a non-issue.

  8. We should all pay less taxes! Before 1913 the US never had a permanent income tax. That is what we should go back to. That many of us essentially work for the government for half the year is an utter disgrace.

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