10 QUICK Life Hacks To Save Money ASAP

These are my top 10 BEST Frugal Life Hacks to Save as much money as possible – so that way, you have more money left over to invest – Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Credit cards will offer “points” or “sign up bonuses” when you meet a minimum requirement. Those points can be used towards free travel, free hotels, or sometimes PROFIT back in your bank account…therefore, if you know how to do this PROPERLY, you might NEVER have to pay for another vacation, hotel, or plane ticket – EVER AGAIN. Resources: NerdWallet – ThePointsGuy – AskSebby – TheCreditShifu

Most online retailers get their products from the exactly same source, but some charge WAY more money than others just because they have a big name or a fancy website behind them. When you find something you want to click, just right click and “search google for this image.” All of a sudden, every website containing that same image will pop up – and that will allow you to click through and find the same item listed for cheaper somewhere else.

You’re not saving money just because it’s discounted – at the end of the day, you’re still spending. Most people wind up focusing MORE on how much they saved rather than how much they spent…when, in reality, focusing on how much you SPEND is what matters the most.

This one is really just about cutting down on impulse purchases that you make without really thinking about it. If there’s something you want, just wait 72 hours to buy it. After that, if you still want it, AND you’ve found the cheapest place you can get it…then go for it.

Not only is this cheaper for you – but it’s also HEALTHIER for you. There have been SO MANY STUDIES conducted on the health risks of drinking sugary drinks and sodas and how they effect you. Just regular filtered tap water is good enough!

SIXTH: ALWAYS MAKE YOUR OWN COFFEE: https://youtu.be/tvL4FF2lMnw
The average American spends $1100 PER YEAR on coffee..and more than 45% of 18-23 year olds have spent MORE MONEY ON COFFEE than they have on their retirement, and 35% of 24-35 year olds have done the same. I always make coffee at home!

A LOT of big brands source their product from the EXACT same places that supply the more expensive, name brand items. For example, Kirlkand Signature Coffee is roasted at the Starbucks Coffee Company. Kirland batteries are actually made by Duracell.

I’ve personally saved over $100 per month by shopping around car insurance rates, moving from AAA…to Gieco…to Mercury…and now, I’m with Tesla Auto Insurance.

The earlier or later it is, the less busy restaurants are…and, most of them try to fill this empty space by offering a “happy hour” with discounted food. Now, this is a fantastic option for you to capitalize on this and save the money just by finding places with good happy hour menus, and showing up to eat a bit earlier.

For example, instead of spending $100 on a pair of shoes TODAY…that could be worth $1478 in 35 years if it’s invested at an 8% return. Or, spending $300 per month leasing a car every year could ACTUALLY be worth $723,000 in future money if you just invested it during that same timeframe. When you begin putting things in THAT perspective, you begin to realize that every dollar you spend TODAY is really worth $14 in the future.

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  1. I do shoe hacking. I buy really underpriced used expansive shoes (expansive shoes hold long if you know what to look at) on the bottom of their price deprivation curve. I take care of them (a bit of conditioning and a polish) I wear them and when I get bored of them I usually sell them with profit. I recently turned it into a side hustle when I look for good deals on shoes, renovate them and flip them with usually over 200% profit.

  2. Just came from your most recent video that was uploaded and wanted to request for a video that covers the "down payment gift" from family that doesn't need to be 20% down on your home. I'd like pros and cons why one should and shouldn't do it etc.

  3. Grant, I am a 26 year old investor and your ability to articulate the trade-offs of some of these things is next to none – while admittedly it's nothing groundbreaking (not trying to sound condescending) it is succinct, logical, and actionable. You even poke some holes in your own advice which anyone should appreciate greatly! Time to smash the like and sub….

  4. I already do all of the above plus more, except the coffee part (I spend about $500 a year on coffee so it's OK I think) … Keep making these videos please they're super helpful!

  5. 7:52 My dad hates me for thinking credit cards could actually be useful- but even more so that I think Dasani tastes terrible. Guess what dad? This millionaire agrees with me here.

  6. Dave Ramsey says it best credit cards are like cigarettes just because it doesn’t kill everyone doesn’t mean he still recommends it. If you really have no self-control stay away from credit cards. If you’re very detailed, budget, track your expenses then credit cards are your friend.

  7. I sometimes don’t buy toilet paper to save money. I just bend over in the shower. But my water bill goes up a few dollars here and there because of it. Weighing my options, you know.

  8. 1. Travel for free using credit card points 1:18
    2. Reverse image search everything you buy online 2:57
    3. Don’t buy something just because it’s on sale 4:00
    4. Postpone anything you’re about to buy for 72 hours 5:32
    5. Only drink water 7:09
    6. Make coffee at home 8:07
    7. Always buy generic brand 9:07
    8. Negotiate car insurance rates 9:56
    9. Go to restaurants during happy hour or only get appetizers when eating out 11:00
    10. Ask yourself what is the future value before you buy something 12:04

  9. this summer I was in the middle of a home remodel which required me to update my furnace. the furnace cost $4000 which just so happened to be the required purchase to get the sign on bonus for the Chase Sapphire Preferred. unknown to me though, the contractors didn't mention during the bid that they only allowed 1500 of that to be put on a credit card so I didn't get the value I wanted but it helped get me enough to meet 4k in 3 months. glad I found Credit Shifu around the time I started on my remodel. I was always raised to think credit cards were the worst idea ever, I never knew you didn't have to pay interest as long as you paid off on time.

  10. Hi Graham, on Credit Card churning, do you keep the recently approved credit card after consuming the bonus points/cash? Because, if you cancel each card after spending those bonus offers, I believe it will be on closed accounts on the credit report.

  11. I one upped you with the coffee. I didn't even buy a coffee Machine I make cold brew :). Appreciate the videos. I'm 31 and until a couple years ago I never thought about retirement or savings and litteraly had nothing invested or in any savings. But after watching you and a couple other people it really put me in the mind set of what I really want. I now have a nice emergency fund. A house which I never thought I would ever be able to do. And a nice amount in investments. I went from a truly aweful credit score of about 400 to just over 740. The only debt that I have is a mortgage payment which I got at a 3.8% interest rate on a 30 year mortgage. Its not unrealistic to say that if you and others like you didn't make videos like this I wouldn't be where I am today. And for that I am eternally thankfull.

  12. Like you said: Buying what you actually need (food, toiletries, products for work etc) that happen to be on sale is actually saving money, not the 72” tv that happens to be on sale to replace your existing 65” tv that’s still good.

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