Unlock Success Podcast | Millionaire Teaches His #1 Secret to Motivation

Sorry, you’re not born with motivation.

You can’t buy it or trade it in for a character trait you don’t want.

And despite what a lot of so called “gurus” or “experts” teach… you can’t MANIFEST it either.

Motivation isn’t some magical fairy that lives in a hidden part of your brain waiting to be unlocked by a mystical chant…

Motivation takes work.

Ever heard the phrase, “Love is a verb” ?

It means, it’s more than a feeling – it takes work to develop and build.

The same is true for motivation – it takes work.

In this video I share my #1 strategy for working your ‘motivation muscle’ and turning yourself into a productivity MACHINE.

And it may not be what you think…

Leave a comment if you agree or disagree with what I shared.

Also, I’d love to hear what you’d like me to talk about next.


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  1. Anthony, I completed the PWA program Aug 2019. And still to this day, I have made ZERO (0) dollars. I stopped using your program and now I would like to restart it to see if there will be a change today. What do I need to do to get back active in your program? I went through the entire 30 day sessions.

  2. Hi i can relate to your loss of your dad, I lost my dad to cancer Dec12th 2018 i too was the one to take him to doctors, hospital appointments, unfortunately my dad was too thin and weak to have chemotherapy, it was a difficult time my dad was my hero too. I am deeply sorry for your sadness. I thank you for the fact you are selfless caring person. Human life will NEVER be replaced by materialistic items.

  3. Hey Anthony thank you for this motivational video so many times when I think that my mind is not in the right place and I watch one of your video and it makes me feel so much better
    Give thanks .

  4. Thanks a lot this pop cast was really good one, I love it! everything that you say it's really mean a lot. That it's the way it is! Thanks a lot Anthony.

  5. I love your message and totally agreeโ€ฆ we all have something to be grateful for and also not waiting to be happy. We can all choose to be happy NOW instead of when this or that happens.

  6. I love ๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’• it when Anthony gets down and personal and talks to us in such an inspiring โšกway. I always find it resonates with me and I am truly grateful for you taking the time to record this video as I believe it is something everyone should listen to. After watching this I am going to find something to be grateful for which motivates me to have massive success
    every day. I will make a promise to myself to become a better and healthier person right now – starting today. I will do the things I don't feel like doing to get me one step closer to my goal – whether that be my health, my business or my relationships. Watch out – #MassiveShifts ahead!!! #NeverGiveUp #PartnerWithAnthony #AnthonyMorrison

  7. I do agree with you Anthony. I used to drink and smoke. My Grandmother used to say "why are you smoking those coffin nails?" Every time I smoked one, she would say "there you go, smoking another coffin nail." I always said, I can't quit, and thought that way too. Then I became pregnant and I told myself, I need to stop otherwise my baby will get harmed, and I did quit. I guess, I also needed a reason to stop. Thank you for being honest about yourself and your family. You are a truly honest person and I believe you have nothing to hide and are because of that one of Gods' children. I mean everyone should be, but if someone keeps thinking and handling to hurt and rob others, they are not of God. I appreciate your honesty very much because there are not many people left on this earth who are as honest as you are. Best wishes forever!

  8. Thanks for the very important message, Anthony. Always grateful for what you have. The motivation should be people-oriented and not about money. The agenda should be about providing value to help/inspire/motivate people. Money is about rewards by doing that.

  9. Nice one Anthony – giving yourself targets and credit is key and we all have something to be grateful for. Also, Jim E said maintain your motivation by taking a break and doing something away from work, even for just a short while, if your flagging………..

  10. Thanks for sharing and your thoughts. I need to watch this again so I can examine myself how grateful I am to be living during this time. Yes I wish I had more money, I wish I have a Family of my own, my friends in my life, and the beliefs I have. So, I would like to write down the reasons I should be grateful.

  11. I too had my experience as being the caregiver with cancer. Each day I allowed myself to be as supportive as God would allow me. I never thought about the end until the end came. Realizing that my patient (my husband) would be gone forever caused me to lose my motivation. Now I am thinking of myself
    and what I want , which allows me to be grateful for the good and the bad. I am much stronger now.

  12. I agree with you that when we have Gratefulness at the center of who we are, we have a core of strength to draw on to help us in hard times and reinforce us when time to celebrate our successes.

  13. I think it's great to look at your cup always as half full rather than half empty. It so important to be positive minded and to be thankful unto God for all his many blessings. Not just material blessings but your health and strength your family and friends. Money is a necessity yet it doesn't guarantee happiness.

  14. Keeping your promises is part of integrity – doing what you say you will do. A universal law, being grateful for what you have now, brings more. Build on what you have now. โ€œIn times of turmoil and danger, gratitude helps to steady and ground us. It brings us into presence, and our full presence is perhaps the best offering we can make to our world.โ€
    — Joanna Macy.
    Thank you Anthony for being real, authentic. It was difficult for me as well to watch me dad sit in the hospital, getting a tracheotomy on his 84th birthday, infections, can't walk or rehab to get his strength back. Yep, I am grateful that I could spend the time with him in the hospital, it is difficult when you are going through it. Crave that dopamine to celebrate successes. If we are tapping into an unlimited source, we can always do more. I may enjoy my difficult workouts is for the dopamine rush. I hold myself to a higher standard in my workouts, I work hard and continue to improve.
    Yes, we need reasons to live, things to live for, dreams, visions that keep us going. Stack promises to create successful. Give yourself credit, celebrate your successes, all of your successes.
    โ€œToday I choose to live with gratitude for the love that fills my heart, the peace that rests within my spirit, and the voice of hope that says all things are possible.โ€

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