Unlock Success Podcast | Entrepreneur Motivation (Two DECADES of Business Wisdom in 15 Min)


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taught this to students.

So often my students come to me looking for strategies, tactics, and methods…

And I have a lot of them, so I’ll teach them. 😉

But my soul and my focus is truly on getting them to THINK DIFFERENTLY.

About themselves…

About their business…

About their lives.

And no, I’m no psychologist or life coach guru, but I do offer TWO DECADES of experience in running my own companies that I’d love to impart to anyone who’d like to listen.

So if you’re interested, in the next 15 minutes I want to share with you the specific mindset shifts you need to make to have success as a business owner.

I promise you, these next 15 minutes will be more important than the 10 hours of trainings or webinars you maybe scheduled to watch this week.

Save yourself time, money, and stress by learning from those who have been where you’ve been, made the mistakes you hope to avoid, and WANT you to succeed.


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  1. Thank you for this best understanding of how to be a successful marketer. I have no money because I was scammed out of my retirement. . I did buy two homes and we are selling one home we love dearly and moving into the other house. Life is challenging and I have been penniless for over a year, my daughter is taking the wheel and helping me buy the tools for your great program.
    I have been pushing forward with the determination of a surviver. "NOBODY believes in me but ME". Despite the great loss I suffered, I do believe that I will accomplish a recovery with your program.
    I never Give up !!! But I have to take the failure when there is no money available. It happens when I am on the brink of success. Question, the auto responder is expensive each month, I have not used it but wonder it it can handle two different businesses? probably not..so I will need one for each Business, right?yes. I have tried to setup the website. I came up with a great Name and bought it.
    I t seems it will cost too much the use it… Well thanks. I love your teaching.. I missed several important classes . I hate when it happens. I am trying to get my list, but the offers to buy more keep pushing more than I can pay so I will be grateful to just get started.. I have many of your programs. Tell the automatic email sender that Ann Mayo has the inboxinnercircle. He has invited me to join on a daily basis. I send kisses for his hard word.. and tho most people don't know who they were, the Mayo comes from the Mayo Brothers,

  2. I'm guilty of the trying too many things at once, and not doing any of them. The people around me (family) are so negative that it's hard to get past that. I need to Never Give Up,

  3. Just like Jerry Hicks wrote "Don't tell anyone about your thoughts and desires until you have given the seed time enough to get a foot hold, mature "

  4. Your mindset, being positve and believing in yourself is key as well
    as taking action and not needing to have it perfect.
    Give value and focus on one thing. Thanks for this great advice

  5. This 15 minute video 📼 is ACTUALLY 1 OF MY FAVOURITES… EVER!!! You had better watch it – the value in the content in this is worth paying $1,000 – boomshakalaka 💥💣😲 Anthony has shared his wisdom by giving us 5 phenomenal lessons packaged into this short video – you see big things do come in small boxes 🎁📦 I will share one of them with you but you are gonna have to watch the video for the rest 😉😜 Learn the power of your mindset – 80% of growing a successful business is the psychology behind your growth. 20% is the nuts and bolts of the business. And FINALLY and MOST IMPORTANT – #NeverGiveUp!!! You cannot fail if you never give up! If you have not given up you have not failed! You fail when you give up! You always have a chance if you never give up on your goals; or your dreams; or what you want! #PartnerWithAnthony #UnlockSuccessPodcast #AnthonyMorrison

  6. Sometimes out of desperation and determination we sometimes go from one thing to another, it is good and valuable incite to stress the importance of mastering one thing at a time. No matter how long it takes me I will never give up.

  7. Learning, learning, getting the mindset right; how true, how to overcome adversity, focus on one thing at the time, help others get what they want, the challenge is to build a business and delegating to others what they're good at with a limited budget! Never give up! no, no, no.

  8. Hi Anthony, It was great to hear this video, I have a real problem with mastering one thing at a time. I have been trying to master this thought for months and no matter what I just keep doing way to much to focus on mastering the one thing I need to do, so thank you for putting this out there again for me to hear. The one thing I do have is I will never give up.

  9. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and encouragement! I've been practicing outsourcing things that I couldn't do or didn't have time to do myself the last few weeks and I can't believe how freeing it is! It's like a weight off my shoulders – so that comment in point 3 about outsourcing the things I don't know yet really resonated. Thanks again!

  10. One of my biggest hurdles – trying NOT to learn all the things at once! I always feel like I need to know more before it will all work for me. Thanks for the reminder to pull back and focus on one thing at a time.

  11. You are correct on trying to do Master more than one thing. With this free time, I have signed up for too many programs and not focusing on one program at a time. Because of this, I have not put anything into action and no money is coming in and end up doing nothing. So, my goal is to Master the Partner with Anthony program and go thru each of the Sessions. I do hope with this, I can begin to make a little money online with your guidance. I hope your Cousin, Lindsay is getting better. Happy Memorial Day weekend.

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