I Just Invested 100K

Today I made one of the biggest investments of my life, by investing $100K.

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I usually talk about investing, the stock market, saving money, being frugal, my goal of becoming a millionaire, but today – I’m not going to show you my Robinhood account or talk about dividends. Today I’m going to spend 100K and make one of the biggest investments of my life.

Today’s video is more about investing in the future of my parents by paying off their mortgage and buy their house. Now I personally don’t own any real estate, but for my parents, this is the largest asset they will have when they retire. Recently, they’ve both been laid off and I thought this would be something they could really use in these tough financial times that we’re all facing.

In this video, I took all of my YouTube ad revenue that I received in 2019, went to the bank, and took out a cashier’s check. But instead of investing it with Robinhood / WeBull / M1 Finance like I usually do, I’m just going to surprise my parents.

The check I withdrew total $75,000 but the taxes I paid overall make the total exceed 6 six figures. The reason my taxes were so high is because in 2019, I was not an S-Corp, which means I could not shelter my business profits from self employment taxes which is medicare and social security. In 2020, I incorporated and I can finally lower my tax burden. However, doing it this way was the best way to invest money because otherwise, my parents would have to front a huge tax bill that I would not want them to pay.

This was one of my biggest milestones that I’ve always wanted to achieve, far more than becoming a millionaire investor or building a multiple six figure dividend portfolio.

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  1. Красавчик 👍👍 Твои родители должны гордиться таким сыном 💪

    Может быть они не настолько разбирались в финансах в своё время, но они привезли тебя в эту страну и дали тебе такие возможности развиваться и ты их использовал на все 100 % ✊

  2. Hi Andrei, love your videos. What advice do you have in terms of getting the right accountant? And… I recently switched from Robynhood to ETrade, not sure I'm liking it.

  3. I made my first million from trading stock , the woman who assisted me is Mrs Grace Breed Morgan we met at a trading conference and she accepted to trade for me , I've had no course to regret ever since

  4. Oh my god 😭😭 I always look forward to your videos because of your personality as much as your content but I’ve never watched this footage…. 😭😭😭 you are amazing 😭

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