8 Daily Habits That Changed My Life

These are the 8 daily habits that have absolutely changed my life, and how you can easily utilize these, as well – enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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FIRST: Create Short, and Long Term Goals.
Here’s the thing…you can’t expect to get what you want, or to achieve anything in particular, without having a direction. You NEED to be clear about what you want, and by KNOWING what that is, you’ll be better able to get there. BUT, at least for me…sometimes Long Term Goals just seem too distant to provide any sort of urgency. hat’s why you NEED to ALSO create short term goals…these should be goals for the week, or for the month, or something that’s so close by so that you have an URGENCY in getting it done.

Just like when you create your short and long term goals…your DAILY TO-DO LIST is going now to be the holy grail of your entire day. And with this, understand Parkinson’s Law: Your work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion. So begin implementing deadlines as to when each task needs to get completed…and magically, you’ll be able to get everything done that much faster.

THIRD: Meditation
Prior to a few months ago, I thought the whole thing was bogus, and I just didn’t get it. But I gotta say, the first time I really gave it an honest shot with an open mind…something just clicked. So, over the last few months, I’ve been meditating twice per day, almost every single day, for 15 minutes each…and it’s made such a difference. What was first this stupid, pointless thing…is now something I really look forward to, that brings me a lot of creative, positive thoughts once I’m able to tune out all the clutter of my mind, and all the worry of everything that needs to get done.

FOURTH: A consistent sleep schedule
It turns out, though – scientifically – our bodies do BEST with that type of consistency, of going to bed – and waking up every single day at the exact same time. You’ll find that your body adapts to whatever schedule you give it – and when you throw that balance out of wack – your body’s chemistry works in overdrive to compensate for that. Studies have also found that irregular sleep schedules lead to poorer performance, weaker memory, and a worse QUALITY of sleep when you DID go to sleep.

FIFTH: Exercise and going to the gym
I’ve found that there’s nothing that makes you feel better, that gets you more motivated, that brings you more energy, that gets you more clear headed – than going to the gym and working out. Not only that, but the HEALTH benefits of going to the gym on a regular basis are IMMEASURABLE.

SIXTH: Get in the daily habit of NOT procrastinating.
It’s called The 2 Minute Rule. Here’s the concept: MOST things we stress about and procrastinate on, really don’t take THAT much time to do. So, the 2 minute rule suggests that whatever you can do in 2 minutes or less, you should get done IMMEDIATELY. Whether it’s a text message you were meaning to send, or replying to an email, or even just cleaning up after yourself…don’t postpone it…if it’s 2 minutes or less, just go and do it right now.

SEVENTH: Being Consistent, Daily
Trust me, without consistency – everything above is pointless. Don’t waste your time creating goals, pushing yourself at the gym, meditating, and creating a sleep schedule – if you’re just going to dabble with it here and there, stop for a little bit – then come back to it later, and quit again…you’re just not going to see results, it’s going to be frustrating, and it’s not going to end well. Beyond ANYTHING…ALL of this fails if you don’t stay consistent with it because consistency is like the GLUE that holds all of this together.

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  1. my all thanks goes to @Therealdarkcard on telegram he changed my life after being duped on this platform so many times he got my cards delivered to me with great balanced

  2. consistent sleep and doing all tasks of the to-do before going to sleep is practically impossible for anyone trying for the first time. Learning curve is still huge, mind you!

  3. Right now (5:02 AM in LA) you are SLEEPING 😴 I am watching your videos (5:33 PM in India) from INDIA 🇮🇳
    That means you make MONEY at SLEEPING 😴

  4. Having kids gets u on a strict schedule. We start the process at 8:30PM, and brush teeth, change, read stories, usually actually sleeping around 9:45PM. I’m up at 5AM or earlier, kids get up 6:30 to get ready for school. Prime productive time for me is before 6:30 AM.

  5. 8:44 Eat healthy-(not just salad's and stay little on fruits because of fructose and little to no suger at all; AND stop putting that crappy high calorie saturated high cholesterol dary or surgery dressing- make like some of these if you need dressing maby (vinegar, not just any oil, littie salt cuz salt and water any where from in your system it causes inflammation and holds water in your body, mustard, dill weed,Etcetera choose wisely.)) If you want to eat fats in my opinion do keto but stay organic if you are. Eat less fats with starchy foods, but eat starchy foods still no fats 20-30 minutes in advance to have energy if your gonna work the body enough or more during the day or sooner. If you must eat fats with starchy foods just eat something with low fats like some sea foods or some parts of a chicken. I recommend these and to study more on heath deeply; but that's if yall take the advice.

  6. 4:47 its not really meditation guys just relax like high people but don't get high but maby lay in your bed, a hot tub or the hot springs, under the sun and tan, eating at the dinner table with no deviceses unless your puting on music 🎵🎶 and relax with you eyes closed and (think/daydream). no sleeping…. Maby a lil nap afterwards.

  7. I did it Graham! I emailed someone back I've been meaning to get back to about a project. You are a billion percent right! I do feel great knocking things off that to do list! Thanks for all the great advice and ideas loved the video😍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙌😁

  8. I bought a new home last June here in Martinez, CA and I had procrastinated getting my parking passes from the city. It took me about 10 minutes but I finally just did it right now thanks to Graham.

  9. Through out last year I stood by side lines as I listened and watch people reap gains from their investments, this year is going to be very different, am quite ready to invest but I really could use some pointers, I really haven't done this before..

  10. I've been getting in my gym clothes but lose all motivation when I look down the street and see your house up the road at my age and I don't live there. LOL

  11. one tip I would add is take notes on these videos if you actually want to retain anything, because otherwise it will just become entertainment and not education.

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