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Stop trying to profit off Corona Virus with your sleazy marketing tactics. I’ve seen some horrible drop shipping business practices and I’ve seen some horrible marketing practices. This is a PSA.

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  1. Hey guys, please be honorable around this. Peoples grandparents, mothers, fathers and children dying and this is NOT the time to profiteer off that. Please take a stand. Also Chris' channel is in description.

  2. Yes I agree to not try to sell Coronavirus in your sales there is no profit in it and you will not benefit from it although I have been in my house since it started and I lost tremendous amounts of money lost my job I couldn't go out and get a job because nobody's hiring they say they are but they are not and if you had coronavirus you're definitely not getting hired show I want to do this eCommerce Empire Academy I believe in myself and I believe in the fellows that are putting this together and I believe I can be very successful online I agree with you 100% you can't make money on Coronavirus I had the virus back in January before the pandemic came out so I know what it's like I have bad lungs and I can't breathe well anyway but I survived so when Dan says stop doing it he means it and I mean it too it's just wrong wrong wrong it's just bad Karma

  3. How is selling masks unethical? Your not profiting off dead people. Your supplying masks to people who want them…. Same as any other product you markup. It’s only unethical if your using fear tactics and not actually providing a good service. Stupid video lol

  4. Man, well spoken! I'm new in this marketing world and kind of had the impression that this online marketing world was filled with fakeness and was discouraged by it, as i don't feel like being fake. Your video here has proven to me that there are also honest and genuen people in this business. Thank you for this message. It makes me want to continue.

  5. Just finished your 100K webinar tonight. Decided to research your other videos while I save up the $1997 for the 100K course. This is the FIRST video I've watched, and I want to thank you for your integrity!!! I'm 63 and on a fixed income… that's why I'll have to save up for the course. After this first video, I'm even MORE determined to start a business with you!!! I'll be watching every video you have between now and next June, and I will attend webinars monthly to learn as much as possible. Thank you again!!!

  6. Hi Dan ..
    Although I'm basically retired now from online marketing, I still keep my eyes and ears open to the Internet. It's unfortunate, but true, that many teach to take advantage of ANY situation (good or bad) and profit from it. Never emphasizing whether it's ethical from a personal or business standpoint. I personally, have never marketed that way. Then again, I've been in marketing since before the Net was born as we know it now. One of the first things I learned was that honesty and integrity are a 'must-have' to truly be successful. If not, Karma's a bitch. I've seen many learn that lesson the hard way over the years. They no longer exist in the business world.

  7. Spot on dan!! looking forward to see you back on YOUTUBE SOON. please make a video on how to promote a Print & Embroidery business to business.. We don't have a of the shwlf product, everything is custom… we need to speak to our customers who want our services..

    stay safe

  8. Hey let them pay tribute to the king Chris Waller, i found out through them so appreciate it. I understand your issue with coronav but don't see anything wrong it since your providing something that people need, It's your fault if you decide to overpay for the brand, get mad at fashion designers too. For the guy in his garage, I wouldn't do that since you're taking from others.

  9. What is the problem with profiting from peoples deaths… what do you think funeral services do!! If you're providing goods or services to help people like providing a mask to protect them or hand wash, what is the problem? Even though wearing masks has been touted by many Doctors to be the worst thing you could wear. I am not sure what you're getting at, Sounds to me like your lashing out at people because your emotions are running high right now, which I totally get. Your comment about the guy who bought all that hand wash, should give it away for free to people who need it… OK…. so why don't you invest $20K in the weight loss product and give copies to people who really need it, obesity is one of the biggest contributors to heart disease and other life-threatening conditions. That more than hand wash is something people REALLY NEED for their health. Over 2 million people die of obesity and other health-related conditions every year. If you're providing a product to help people regardless of the economic climate what is the issue! Maybe I am missing something here, as I really don't see the point you're trying to make. To me, you are in serious danger of sounding like a bit of a hypocrite!! Your profiting from selling products right now just as a much as anybody else.

  10. This is my first time watching you and it’s a message that in an ideal world shouldn’t have to be made but alas!….. It’s a first impression that is very honourable and just plan old ‘right’. I’m not the biggest fan of YouTube marketers because unfortunately there is just to many of them spouting obvious bullshit, of course not all but way too many that tarnish online marketing. But because of what you said which I agree with even though I understand the desire to make this money for others, I definitely will be check out your channel. Kudos.

  11. Hello Dan, I'm new to dropshipping and I'm waiting now for my supplier to answer so i can go live with the website.
    Your channel was suggested to me by Sebastian Ghiorghiu and so far with this vid, I like the ethical aspect of you doing business.

  12. So what would be the thoughts on creating a Print on demand clothing line expressing ones distaste for the international pandemic. Meaning such products are focused around the virus but are not angled as needs to survive.

  13. Hey dan, I've been learning about Anik Singal's 5 Step Psychological Formula a lot lately and i know that you two go way back. So i just want to know, how can i apply this formula to my shopify store.

  14. Bro good Video you are correct! I am selling masks but I am selling them for cheap 8€ in Germany where other people are sell them for 25$ I just take money for my time I am investing in. Gl

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