How To Increase Your eCommerce Revenue With Amazon – Module 3 – Part 1 – eCommerce Unlocked

Today I’m going to be breaking down how to get the most amount of sales from Amazon.

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And the first one that I wanted to cover is Amazon. The way you win on Amazon is through internal and external promotion.

So, let’s get started with internal promotion. There are many different internal promotion systems. First off, if you have an effective Amazon product page, you’re going to do better. If you follow up with your customers, and you support them, and you do whatever it takes to delight them and knock their socks off, they’re going to keep coming back and buying from you again after again after again, and even give you amazing reviews. Same with packaging and inserts. People love nice looking packaging, the way things feels. You also want to consider giving out bonuses along with your products.

A lot of times, this can be digital based, like PDFs or ebooks. And if you do all of these, and then you close the loop, and you get positive feedback, you can do quite well. The big key with Amazon to doing well is not just getting new people, but it’s getting repeat customers.

A good product page means higher conversions. And if you get higher conversions, that means Amazon makes more money. Hence, they’ll rank your product higher on Amazon when people are doing searches. You want to make sure you include different images, videos, and different colors that really stand out, so that way, your product stands out.

The perfect product page also has very detailed product descriptions. People want to know what they’re buying. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling something for 20 bucks or $1,000, the more detailed you get, the better off you are. People also want their questions answered. And make sure that you really encourage reviews, whether they’re good or bad.

Positioning is also important on where you put the keywords. You want them throughout your title, throughout your description within the text, throughout your bullets, wherever you can sprinkle them in, where it makes sense, don’t just shove them in, it needs to make sense. And pick the right ones.

Now, let’s dive into external promotion. First off one of my favorite channels is YouTube. You can also drive more traffic through things like email blasts, pushing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. And of course, my favorite, push notifications, that not too many people are using, and I don’t know why, because they’re still super effective.

Next, of course, is paid traffic. So, here’s a formula I want you to follow, and it’s called ACOS. That stands for advertisement cost of sale. In other words, look at how much you’re spending on ads and how many sales you’re generating. So you know, all right, I’m spending $20 per sale, I’m spending $2 a sale. Well, is your margins more than $2 or $20 or $5? As long as it’s profitable, and ideally, the more profitable, the better, you should keep spending. And at first it may not, but over time, you can tweak it, and I’ll show you some things that you can do to tweak it and make it more profitable over time.

But if you can create a better product, better description, you have better click through rates, you’re going to be better off and you’re going to be showcased even if you’re not paying as much. And that’s what’s going to help you increase your profitability, right? And it also goes down with your landing page as well.

So, not just your bidding strategy. Are you really solving people’s pain point? Do you express that within the copy? Are you using bullets? Do you have amazing images? Is your product page better looking than your competition’s? If you have all of this, you’re going to be better off, and you want to continually test and tweak until you get there. One way that you can ensure that you get there is by AB testing, as I mentioned.

For your first month on Amazon, here’s what I want you to do just as a recap, rush to get to 15 reviews, social proof is awesome, make sure you use the auto PPC, bid one to $2, max of $50 daily budget, and you want to spend at least $5 to get you started, and then go from there.

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  1. Hi Neil, big fan. At 11:33, when the slide shows if ACOS is below 60% increase bid by 20%. I thought we want to keep the ACOS between .25-.50. Increasing the bid is only going to make it less profitable. I must not be connecting the dots. Can you please clarify?

  2. Hi Neil, I just started a blog. I know your advice is that if you want to rank on Google, you need to have better content than your competitors, but does it matter at the start? Should I first publish like 50 posts with 1500+ words with great illustrations and then improve later when they have matured a bit or should I go all out right away?

  3. Hi Neil. When talking about Internal Promotion, PDPs, and the use of keywords on them; Are those Tabs: "Keywords" and "More Details" shown in your video, part of the Keyword Ideas Report on Ubersuggest or are they a screenshot of how are we supposed to use them on Amazon?

  4. sir i have add labels in my blogger but pages are not indexed, how to solve robot.txt problem etc, in blogger if you want please make a video or solve my query

  5. Your are my digital marketing master (guruji ), I really enjoy your content and learned many tactics and tricks . Thanks a lot.

    Please make a video on " Native marketing "

  6. Running a store on the Amazon marketplaces is a challenging task. Pricing your inventory competitively whilst also covering the mixture of Amazon fee percentages is also a fun game. I've found 22% works.

    Fighting with Amazon when they group multiple suppliers products together and mix mis-information and images which confuses customers once they have made a purchase.

    Then there's handling the demands of the customers – the worst kind of demanding people seem to turn up on Amazon thinking they have bought from Amazon the company – not the little guy!

    And finally the pressure from Amazon to ship ship ship otherwise your account gets a naughty mark on it. Too many of these and you're frozen until you write an action plan. End up marking items on Amazon as shipped just to avoid the naughty mark then has a knock on effect of the customers asking where their item is – as they completely ignore the Amazon messaging system.

    In short – be ready for needing a lot of patience! Lots of sales potential every day, but it's demanding.

  7. Hey Neil, I'm from India. I have thought of starting an agency which helps middle sized businesses go online, and also transforming their old crappy online business get up to date.

    I was just wondering about all the necessary services which I can provide them with. Like, a proper SEO optimized website, email marketing, putting up sales funnels, etc.

    Can you help me with the total list of services and tools required for a perfect online business?

  8. Very informative however, I'd like to mention that selling on Amazon is extremely difficult, super expansive and highly risky these days. I'm already a seller that's why I'm saying this. Many sellers are stepping back and shutting down their account because of no sale and only expenses.

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