Answering ALL YOUR QUESTIONS About Making Money Online…

Daniel answers all questions from his questions LIVE…🤣🤣🥱🥱


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  1. Hey Daniel, i washed the reply of the live, it was very interactive, and i have a question.
    On one of your videos you use google ads, in keyword planner to check for the traffic a product has on google search. but when i open my google ads, i can't find the keyword planner pane, my page is actually blank with only a new-campaign button. So please, which other way can i check for the amount of people searching a particular product on google? the product i want to promote

  2. Keep up the good info…Chicken on your shirt!…lol, Tottenham Hotspur,Come On You Spurs..good info bro keep up the good work…this stuff is simple start educating your selves.. be t most of u won't follow up…be consistent,focus,make a clear path and take actions..take the failures as a lessons and be persistent….LISTEN and Take CORRECT ACTION..learn the systems correctly stay focus ..hope this helps ..well done bro good info for everyone…

  3. Hey Daniel and everyone who sees this comment
    I need help I started seeing Daniel's video 2weeks ago and I wish. I came across your page sooner. Because you give so much hope. Last month I was scammed all my money(tried investmenting but it was a scammed) and right now I'm trying this affiliate marketing by showing your video and trying everything I showing us. My hope I was to making $350 in to pay my rent but I'm really struggling and buy grocery to eat. But I couldn't make it. I asking for help for $350. When I make my first payment I will it back
    If you can help I will appreciate it with heart. Thank you

  4. Hi Daniel, Kudos! you are doing a great job. To promote affiliate products to targeted US audience on facebook, do we need to create a US facebook account?
    If yes, can you give us a clue on how to go about that?

  5. Hello Daniel,
    I requested for payment in my fiverr affiliate on August 6the, payment has been approved and I was told to expect payment first week of this month (September).

    Right now payment status is showing paid and I haven't gotten any payment in my PayPal. PayPal address is correct.
    Please what do I do, does it take this long?
    Why is my dashboard saying paid when I haven't been paid
    Your response will be appreciated

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