6 Millionaire Habits That Changed My Life

These are my best millionaire habits that have changed my life, and what you can do to begin implementing them immediately – for free. Enjoy! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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Millionaire Habits:

I have to say, if there’s just ONE point throughout this ENTIRE video that you chose to follow…let it be this one, because I guarantee…this will have the biggest impact on the rest of your life if you just stick with it. Sign up for a budget tracking software like Mint.com or PersonalCapital.com, which are both completely free to use…and then, pay CLOSE attention to how much money you’re making, and how much you’re spending. I want you to SEE how much you spend on things you don’t even realize, or how quickly those small expenditures add up over the week and month.

I challenge you to start getting in the habit of CAREFULLY considering everything you want, and ONLY buying something when you can afford it outright, after thinking it through, and once you’ve prioritized your other investing and savings goals. We’ve all heard the saying: don’t put the cart before the horse…and this applies here, just like you shouldn’t put the brand new car ahead of your emergency fund.

As soon as YOU get paid, or as soon as money goes into your account – IMMEDIATELY move it into investments, put it in a savings account you don’t touch, that way it’s out of sight, and out of mind. You get the immediate “Reward” of saving – and that makes you feel like you’re working towards something tangible, because you can “See” that savings right in front of you. Two, you’re FORCED to live off less because your invested money is completely out of reach. And three, you get USED to living on less – and you get USED to saving more – that you won’t WANT to break this habit once you see it working.

The people who are GOOD with money don’t just PANIC FOMO into investments because “pretty soon it’ll be too late to get in” – the truth is that, there will ALWAYS be new opportunities in the future that will be just as profitable as some of the best ones today, and there will never just be one SINGLE thing that you could strike rich at.

I’ve seen this type of pattern over and over and over again, and what I’ve noticed is that – the type of person who waits for a drop, is the same time of person who refuses to buy in when there ACTUALLY is a drop. It’s like, they’re always waiting for it to go lower – and even if it goes lower, they hold out for it to go EVEN lower…and once it starts going up, then it’s always going to be too expensive.

This is the step that I would recommend fully immersing yourself in once you have the groundwork finished with everything else…so, once you’re tracking your spending, once you cut back on wants, once you make your money invisible, once you invest in things you understand, and once you’re not timing the market…THEN, really learn the tax code and make the most of the money you have left over.

And, finally…that little cherry to top all of this off…is just CONSISTENCY. Not only do you actually have to work on everything I just talked about…but, you also have you keep doing it, day after day, in order for it to work. Shortcuts rarely ever last, and more often than not – if you look for the quick and easy fix, you’re soon back to where you originally started, except now – you’re further behind where you could’ve been, had you just followed the right path from the very beginning.

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  1. Best video ever. Thank you so much. Sent to family members that need it. Imagine a world where taxes where minimal and people were forced to get busy but got to keep what they earned! YAY!

  2. Hi Graham! I am so happy, my friend, Lou, sent me to your channel! You have the ability to deliver complex matter in a simple and fun way! And all this you do without crazy backgrounds and back dancers! 🙂

  3. You lost me at mint, personal capital, and weebles. Free software always has an ulterior motive putting their users as the product and advertising a bundle of additional products that are detrimental to good money habits. Track your spending manually or with a paid app that doesn’t sell your data. Invest with a professional who will give sound fiduciary advise.

  4. Graham you're spot on man. I suck at saving money but good at spending it on truck parts and eating out twice daily and buying $3 coffees.

    I gotta start saving money more i turn 30 this year and have yet to buy a house i have however invested 2k into stocks recently looking to do that more and more. Real estate investing is my long term goal only i can achieve that by changing my spending habits.

  5. Great video. Though I was a newbie, I made my first million investing with a broker from a reputable firm . Stock needs your time and if you wish to pay attention to other things in your life I advice you invest with a licensed broker/expert, Thanks to Mrs. Dorothy Holley she is the best .

  6. Thanks Graham. Your videos are always so informative, helpful, and straight to the point. I love how easy they are to understand too. No long winded explanations that make you want to stop the video.

  7. Who dislikes this video?? These all so sensible and concrete suggestions that ANYONE can do. These ideas are not like “wake up at 4am! Or do the Ironman training!”. My biggest take away is ‘make your money invisible’. I’m definitely gonna try that.

  8. Omg, Thank you so much!! When i recently decided to get into investments (stock market) & I researched SO MUCH about tax distribution in my state (IL as 2nd highest in nation) in income, property tax & etc which was a Wake Up Call. so now i'm considering moving to Florida in a couple of years foreal… i still believe taxation is legalized robbery of the government from peasants like us lol

  9. Hi Graham – Great content as always many Thanks…not linked, but a suggestion if I may… your cuts, try time them for a full breath they are a fraction fast, and that feels awkward and too rushed? Seems you are in a hurry?… 🙂

  10. Thank you, Mr. Stephan, for informing and sharing your knowledge and wisdom in the business world. I love how you can give us advice on what we should and should not do. I was able to relate to your first habit of tracking. Spending irrationally will not lead to wealth. It is very important to track and monitor what you are spending. Being mindful on the money you are spending will allow you to save money instead of just buying anything you see carelessly.

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