Google Display Ads Tutorial (Made In 2021 for 2021) – Step-By-Step for Beginners

Want to learn how to create a Google display ads in 2021 from start to finish?

Watch this video as you watch behind my shoulder and I tell you everything you have to know step-by-step!

Table of contents:

0:00 – Introduction
1:05 – Creating the campaign
7:13 – Setting the targeting
22:43 – Creating the ads
31:44 – Quick look at the settings

Part 1: Creating the campaign

In your main Google Ads interface, click on “Campaigns” and then click the little plus sign.

This is where you can create your display campaign so you can create the Google display ads.

Select “website traffic” as the objective and then select “Display” as the campaign type.

If you are looking for a search campaign tutorial, I cover that in this video:

👉 How to create a Google Ads search campaign (complete tutorial):

Click next and just fill in some blanks – the campaign name, budget, location targeting, and so on.

Once you fill in all these small things out and arrive at the targeting, you can select what or who you want to target.

Let’s cover that in the next section of this Google display ads tutorial in 2021.

Part 2: Setting the targeting

This is the meat and bones of your Google display ads campaign.

You have 2 options – target specific PEOPLE regardless of what website or video or app they visit; or you can target specific PLACEMENTS regardless of which people visit it.

Both options have their strengths and minuses but let’s go through a few of these choices.

a) affinity – here you can target people based on what they’re interested in. Google determines a pattern of websites or channels that people visit and classify them under a certain interest “category” which you can select here when creating your Google display ads.

b) in-market – here you can target people that are “in the market” to buy something. More specific and people are in a higher “buying” state here.

c) demographics – here you can target specific ages, genders, and income levels.

d) custom audiences – here you can create your own combinations of audiences based on the other categories.

e) remarketing – here you can target your remarketing lists that you created before.

f) custom intent – here you can target people based on their “intent” history, such as keywords they search for or interests they have based on Google history.

All these options pertain to specific people targeting. You also have some options for specific placement targeting, ie. specific places you want to show your ads in regardless of who visits them:

a) keyword – you can target websites or apps or channels that pertain to specific “keywords”.

b) topics – similar to keywords but more broad. Here you can target placements that Google deems is similar to the chosen topic(s).

c) specific placements – if you have a specific URL or YouTube channel in mind, you can target them specifically. Really awesome if you have something specific you want to share on very specific placements!

And that’s basically it for the targeting part in this Google display ads tutorial – play around with all the options and see what’s best for your business!

Part 3: Creating the ads

Lastly, you just have to create the ads.

This involves adding some images, headlines, 1 long headline, descriptions, an optional call to action, name of your business, the URL you want to take people to, and so on.

Google has an integration with Stock photos, so you can get some really high-quality images for absolutely free.

Create the ads, click on save, and you should be all set!

Part 4: Quick look at the settings

Once you finish everything and publish your campaign, you can go in and make all the changes as needed.

That means edit/add/remove keywords, audiences, placements, and so on.

Go through the targeting on the left-hand side and if you need to change something, that’s where you would do it.

Also make sure to test, test, test…

That means testing interest groups against each other with different placements, topics, keywords, audiences, and so on.

The key here is to “dig through all the mud” and find the winning targeting.

And that’s how you create Google display ads in 2021!

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  1. Can You do Video ads without a goals guidance. In the network section, if I unselect display and select youtube videos, i won't be getting no impressions or small impressions even if increase my budget and bid. But if you do select display then the impressions and views goes way up. can you do a video on google video ads on and how would you target if you select the display network

  2. hello

    ivan can you please make a video on how to optimize campaign on google if your using a 3rd partie tracker

    and how to setup tracking for different landing pages that belongs to the same campaign for example lets say that i have 4 ad groups in my campaign and for each ad group have there unique landing page how can i setup tracking for all my landing pages and put them under the same campaign ??

  3. If it's not hard for you, please make an in depth video about YouTube video discovery ads, especially for affiliate marketing. And try to focus more on the targeting aspect rather than the overall how-to steps. Thanks.

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  5. Hey Ivan! I dabbled with Clickbank for months now. Watching your case studies inspired me. So I took action and I'm proud to say that today I got my first ever sale on Clickbank. Thank you for all your hard work!

  6. "Business Schools Hate Him! He Teaches Kids how to Make loads of Cash on Youtube FOR FREE"
    Ivan would you allow your viewers to run Google ads to your site to show you our grattitude?
    Not with that headline though haha, that was just 4 the lulz ^^

  7. Hmm… Cool. But display ads on mobile do have a REALLY high bounce rate (85% of them don't even last for 1s on my landing page, 85% bounce rate!). I have excluded apps and I use custom audiences.
    Now trying native, hopefully, the bounce rate goes down cuz this is just absurd

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