On-page and technical SEO Part 1 – SEO Unlocked – Free SEO Course with Neil Patel

Today I’m going to walk you through the process I use for on-page and technical SEO optimization. This is one of the foundations of any successful SEO campaign, so whether you’re running an audit to pinpoint specific actions you need to take to improve your website or you’re going after more ambitious goals with your SEO campaigns, this is something you have to master.

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SEO Unlocked Course Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_lySNxCag0&list=PLJR61fXkAx11Oi6EpqJ9Es4rVOIZhwlSG

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Envato: https://envato.com/
GraphicRiver: https://graphicriver.net/

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  1. If I write two blogs – one in hindi and other in English . Both will have same content but only language will be changed. Than how google will treat them. How to tell google that both websites are not copied.
    Note:I don't want to translate content in same website

  2. Thank you so much Neil. May continued Blissings continue to mark your path. May your success always be successful and abundant. In the online world, its rare to find somebody who gives away free and brilliant content like you do; they usually want a ton of money. However, I believe in what you give out, you will receive 10 fold, hence your status within this field. I've spent quite a bit on SEO, only to see that you're giving it away! Full of Gratitude to you Neil Patel! 💜🙏💜

  3. Hey Neil,

    You said that I should use the most popular keywords on the first 100 words of my article, does it mean that's okay if I use these keywords even if they have a score more than 40? Or should I use the most popular keywords that have a score less than 40? Ps. I'm new at the blogging stuff, I don't have much traffic.


  4. Hi Neil, big fan of your Work. In another video you mentioned a 500-word blog to be a good size for mobile where 1500 words would be Better for PC. Should i shorten the mobile version of an article and keep the pc version longer? What's your general recommendation for that Sir? Thank you.

  5. Thank you, sir. As I am Persian, some of the basic that you told in the previous lesson is not practical in the Persian websites. But, this lesson was great and useful. Thanks a million.

  6. Thanks. a lot for this priceless course, Neil! I'm paying full attention to link building but it's hard to implement the 5)-characters and max 2 folders link construction when you have a fashion website and you've got several categories and product description titles, any tips for this case? Thanks again

  7. Hi Neil, one of my websites is without an SSL Certificate and a few of the important pages rank in Top 10 Search Results. I have 2 questions. #1 Should I still consider installing an SSL Certificate? #2 Will it affect my ranking? Thanks in advance 🙂

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