How To Make Money Blogging In 2021 (For Beginners)

In today’s Video we’re going to talk about how to make  money blogging and how an ugly blog like this can make anywhere from 100 to 700 per day more that after the intro [Music] hey guys how’s it going mike fassey here welcome to the studio welcome to channel before we actually remind you that several spots have opened up for this week’s free workshop where we are going over the fastest and easiest ways to make money online check it out in the first link below that being said this vlog is pretty interesting because of all the ways that i’ve ever tried to make money online with it let’s go on with the first way now the first way is with online courses and workshops now it’s pretty simple all you got to do is you just need zoom and the coolest thing about this is because of all the weird things that have happened with the world as of recently everyone knows how to use zoom like my dad knows how to use zoom my mom gets on like church group with all of her friends in bible study on zoom like every single day every single morning they always like hang out everyone knows how to use zoom and because of that that leads a huge opportunity in terms of interaction with clients or people that could be customers now zoom is pretty interesting because if you have a paid plan you could do what is known as a meeting and the cool thing about that is you could leave a registration now what that happens is people leave their email and their name and stuff like not their address so that they can actually go and have a certain meeting with you and in that meeting you could give them some value and teach them on things but ultimately you could sell them on a course which is uh a lot of the course we host is on teachable and you can literally create a course in as little as like a couple minutes as long as you have the video files it could look super beautiful it could look super sexy it could look super sleek and it’s going to give you the brand that it is that you want and a lot of people that i know make money blogging with literally just teachable right some of them don’t even use zoom some of them don’t even get them on like a live meeting if you want to see people’s face you could literally just sell them directly on teachable and the beautiful thing about teachable is they have an affiliate program where all of your students could then recommend your program meaning that helps with marketing you can see this blog report right here on making sense of sense she’s made and six thousand dollars in a single month in the month of november and if we scroll down all the way over here half of it is in affiliate income recommending bluehost to people starting their blogs and the rest of it is from her course thirty seven thousand dollars but when we click on this this thing is hosted on teachable this is created by this and as you can see this is pretty interesting and the cool thing about this course if you look at it and i go and click on it all of it is text like she didn’t make a video course which is the most interesting thing because most courses you see are videos like if you look at this these are just all documents like workbooks and whatnot there’s really no videos which blows my mind right because i’ve never seen a course oh look there’s one video which is 33 minutes long two videos which is 20 minutes long but i’m pretty sure she got somebody else to do those videos everything else is text and she ended up creating a bunch of money from this when you scroll down from it is 197 so courses are pretty interesting and to if you want to charge even more you could literally get them on a zoom call now the second way is by selling books and services now you won’t make as much money here with courses but it will be a little good ego boost like as you guys can see from my audiobook and paperback book and whatnot all of these were created with zero cost to me you could use services like kindle direct publishing or acx for audiobooks and essentially no one will actually charge you anything you make money because when somebody goes and buys your book amazon goes up to kin to be like yo print this book right and then kindle literally ship it to them i don’t have to send any of the books i don’t have to have a bunch of these books like held at all given times i could travel around the world i don’t have to worry about stock or stock management because you partner with amazon it’s just a good way to get a steady stream of income especially if you want to be known as like a distinguished writer or audiobook person now the next up is affiliate marketing where you promote other people’s products and services you don’t even have to touch a product you don’t have to even do any customer service as you guys can see you know exactly where i like moving things i want to build as big of a business as possible online without having to actually touch anything okay or doing much work now as you guys can see this has been in over 200 countries 20 years 4.2 billion dollars paid you could see the type of programs you could go ahead and recommend like you could help people with keto diet you could help people with children learning speed reading or online art lessons or teaching me a lot of card what are teaching people how to draw or teach people about natural energy or vibration jumping or the power of hormones or tarot card rating or personality code decoding or you could give people a supply of chocolate or green juice or manifestation 15 minutes of manifestation or you can help people mend their marriage as you can see there is a teaching spanish right there’s so many things you could actually go and promote so whatever blog that you are blogging about you can find a product that already exists with clickbank now of course the next level which is another stream of passive income is google adsense so on youtube you see it whenever a ad plays on this video you know that is google adsense how google adsense works is a lot of people go to google and they’re like here’s my money google here’s a hundred bucks show my ad in front of people that are more likely to buy my product well well google is like okay i’m gonna get a percentage of this it’s about like i think 45 of it but i’m going to give the rest say 50 55 to people like you because if someone is on your blog and maybe you’re blogging i don’t know about like cat nips or um you’re blogging about like hair combing you’re the number one hair combing connoisseur in the world okay if a comb company or e-commerce company was like oh my god this is the blog that i want to sell my homes to they will literally go up to google and they’ll be like hey here’s 100 bucks put this in front of the people that are more likely to buy combs and because you are the the best comb connoisseur in the world you have been known for combing for years you have been in scriptures and prophecies of how you are going to be the best coming in the world and you’ve been writing it for the entire time google will pay you literally like 55 of that 100 bucks like how crazy is that and they’ll keep 45 so that’s one way but when your blog gets more than 25 000 views per month i would actually recommend mediavine because you make more money with that just plain and simple okay google it’s one way but if you get more views you can literally make more money with the exact same visitors that are already coming in so that literally just switch into mediavine an example of this is this blog right here adam and freud made eighty two thousand dollars in a single month and as you can see if we just type in mediavine a lot of his money came from mediavine i think it was like 300 or 200 extra a day from this and this is the advertising review look at this 11 grand in a single month all from mediavine now the fifth way is speaking gigs did you know someone like gary vaynerchuk charges 75 000 to speak on stage and not only that but he also makes a bunch of money on the back end from his agency and his books and services now i’m not saying you’re gonna charge 75 grand for your books and services but if you are writing on a topic and you are blogging odds are you are an expert and you can literally go to and find a speaking gig in as little as 30 seconds agent gives you access to 1 000 plus conferences and the contact of the decision makers here’s how agent works we find the best gigs for you give you their contact info and make it simple to get booked to speak select the industry you want to speak in we give you the best 20 events use the scripts and process the book to speak use our action plan to pitch follow up and book your gig just like that not saying you’re gonna make gary v money but it could become something cool for your like portfolio especially the most valuable thing is getting shots where you are speaking on stages because it just makes you more credible in anything that you are blogging about it’s what increases your credibility and your authority and your sense of you know leadership in your space now the sixth thing is coaching and consulting now you can see a bunch of my friends here like in bali do this because a lot of people that i know here in bali make money from coaching and consulting ultimately what it is is everyone creates content it could be on instagram or it could be on your direct blog and instead of getting them to opt in use get them on accountly link now this is pretty interesting because of course countley is free to get started if you look at pricing you can literally get started for free and you don’t actually have to pay anything which is awesome especially if you’re like stingy but as you can see right here you come in book a call click on any of these and just like that once i confirm i can just put in my email address what do you want to get a call whatsapp number and then of course you would hop on the phone find out your pain points your nightmares what is the biggest problem for you and then she’ll sell you on either coaching it could be twelve hundred dollars a month or it could be upwards to five thousand dollars for a six to twelve week period now the last thing is selling services now this is pretty interesting because this is something that i’m really looking into because i’m looking at nomad because now i’m trying to figure out like my tax situation with living in bali but being a u.s citizen but making money online and just seeing what are the most tax effective ways to actually save the most money as i continue to make more and more money online and these people sell a very interesting service right and as you can see here their service is anybody that makes anywhere from 500 000 to a net worth of a million dollars or more or even upwards to 20 million or more we would then schedule a call with them and in that call they would literally give you this tax strategy plan where they would help you open up bank accounts get multiple passports basically help you turn into a james bond which i think is like the dopest thing in the world to literally have multiple passports to multiple banks to never rely on one country or one city or one state or one banking system it’s just really dope and how they literally make money is they charge like a 12 to 15 000 package and it’s a service to have them do all these things with their network and as you can see they make their money from just a couple of articles and their youtube channel that they go ahead and rank about you could see all these things these are all the articles that they talk about you can also look at their free information they have offshore banking they have offshore company they have offshore for u.s citizenship this is exactly how i found them and this is why i’m about to give them a disgusting amount of money so they can help me become more tax savvy with my taxes because i’m an idiot when it comes to taxes and i just don’t know why do they not teach us this in school

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