3 Marketing Automations That Generated An Extra $100,000 Profit In The Last Year!

Marketing automation allows you to present hyper targeted and time sensitive offers to the right people at the right time. These 3 automation campaigns are working the best for me.

Timestamps of the key points from the video:
What is marketing automation – 0:09
What are common marketing automation tools – 0:45
How to track the revenue from automations – 1:00
Marketing Automation #1 – 1:25
Marketing Automation #2 – 3:00
Marketing Automation #3 – 4:53

Generally I run my marketing automation through email marketing on Active Campaign’s email automations

You can also use Aweber’s campaign and tagging functionality to run many of these automations, too.

For a full guide on which email marketing automation system is best for you, and my honest activecampaign review here’s the post: https://www.milesbeckler.com/aweber-vs-activecampaign/

First tip is to set yourself up as an affiliate in your shopping cart so you can track the effectiveness of these automations.

This is how I know they have driven over $100,000 per year in profit.

First you will learn what is marketing automation explained in simple terms.

I share the common marketing automation tools for small business…

Then we move into the marketing automation campaigns…

First is a cart abandonment campaign. I run this through email marketing only, but you could easily set this up through facebook advertising automation, too…

You’d need to use the ‘custom conversions’ in order to identify the right segment with Facebook ads.

The big idea with this first automation is that you follow up with users who make it to your checkout page but don’t purchase.

In a perfect world, you’d follow up on Facebook and through Email both, but I mainly use email marketing here because there is just too much distraction on Facebook!

Second email automation is my 30/60/90 campaign.

This automation campaign is based on a unique tag that is added to my customer in Active Campaign upon purchase.

This tag starts an automation that begins counting days and if that user does not make a purchase at the 30 day mark, the 60 day mark or the 90 day mark, the automation sends them a new offer.

If the customer purchases before the automation fires off that email… At day 20, for example, then they re-enter the automation and the countdown starts again.

If they purchase the special offer at 60 days, they start through the automation again.

I currently have 9 unique offers in this automation and the system can look at the user’s tags to make sure they don’t see an offer for a product they already purchased before.

Third is the choose your own follow up sequence…

Instead of a straight 10 email autoresponder, my system now has multiple sub-follow up sequences that get triggered when a user clicks on a specific link.

Their click on the link shows they are interested in the topic, so my autoresponder follows up with multiple more messages about that topic concluding with an offer for a product that is specifically about that product.

These are the three key marketing automations I’ve been running that have helped me increase profits from the same amount of traffic I’ve been getting.

I do think you need to have a big list and a large amount of traffic to make these types of marketing automations worth the time and money invested to create them.

Personally, I hired Dave from https://www.integratepro.com to configure these all for me and I keep him on retainer to make sure the automations keep working flawlessly.

This stuff is a bit too complex for my brain to figure out on my own, lol.

If you’ve been looking for some great automation campaigns to run with your email marketing, I suggest you start with these.


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  1. How's the delivery of Aweber vs ActiveCampaign? Also, using ThriveCart you can add an abandon tag to launch a new campaign (WITHOUT the potential customer having been added to your email list previously).

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