Marketing Automation Timing – When Is The Right Time To Integrate Marketing Automation?

This video reveals the 3 ways to know if you are ready to integrate marketing automation into your business!

Marketing automation software is often sold as the magic solution for more sales. while these Automation tools set up correctly can indeed drive more revenue, there is a large opportunity cost in setting them up.

This is exactly why I hired a marketing automation specialist, Dave Wooding with to build out my automations for me.

since setting this all up we have generated over $100,000 in additional revenue for my business as explained in this video:

but it is important to remember that the automations were able to drive so much additional revenue in my business because of the fact that my email list was over 100,000 subscribers already.

My business had already brought in tens of thousands of customers already.

My daily traffic to my website from organic marketing was over 700,000 visits per month.

When you have large volumes of traffic, subscribers, and customers coming through your business each and every month the return on investment of building, testing, optimizing marketing automations becomes well worthwhile

Before we were generating thousands of leads per month or hundreds of customers per month, the distraction from doing my marketing work to go through the learning curve of new marketing automation tools was too expensive of an opportunity cost.

If you’re not familiar with the difference between opportunity cost and real costs in your business you must watch this video:

For me, my business was generating over $40,000 per month consistently before we ever added on any email marketing automation beyond a simple autoresponder follow-up.

Too many people try to integrate fancy automations early when they won’t generate more than a few extra sales each month from these complex systems that take hundreds of hours to refine.

Email marketing automations are not for beginners. If you are just starting out, set up one follow-up sequence as shown in this video here:

For early businesses those hours are better spent on inbound marketing, digital marketing, email marketing, lead nurturing, etc.

In fact, marketing automation works brilliant with inbound marketing campaigns such as this:

At this point I am happy with the results I’m getting but I did not want you to make the flawed leaf that marketing automation is a magic solution that you need to implement urgently.

if you are generating $10,000 per month in income and thousands of new leads per month I do believe you can see a positive ROI from marketing automation integration within a few months.

If you are only making $3000-$5000 per month and bringing in less than a thousand new leads per month, it can take years to generate a positive return on the marketing automation strategy.

In this scenario, your time is more valuable generating leads and growing your traffic and audience and split testing your offers.


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  1. I have two questions about it:
    The funnel is about inbound content marketing, but people don’t feel like reading too much online nowadays, or their attention is very short. How would the inbound marketing get thru to them.
    2. How would a website and sales funnel work together in terms of “structure “? One main Homepage already has value proposition(CTA), hero product shots, social proof, benefits and features . This would already act like a complete whole funnel steps except lead magnet, capture contact and can’t do remarketing even with Facebook pixel as I won’t be able to know which funnel stage the visitor is in and can’t push them down. Feel like a long form copywriting. Or do I think it wrong at all?

  2. Hi Miles. This isn't exactly related to this vid, but I wanted to pick your brain on this. Most of your vids seem to apply to the man in the middle affiliate scenario and to expert advice delivered via digital products. How would you bend some of the advice you've given in your videos for someone who is a maker of goods? If you need a starting point, take for example end grain cutting boards, or high end custom chopsticks, or plant plaster castings, or custom size brass knuckles . . . ok, maybe not the last one.

  3. # Bad Ass It is so awesome that you provide clear explanations so that we can map out our business growth and options as informed business owners. It also helps me remain patient when doing the daily work. Have an amazing day.!

  4. Miles, love this and needed to hear it. I’m dong fine plugging away at building websites, but I have a new venture to help more people. I’ve been dragging my feet trying to get everything figured out, and maybe I really just need a simple Mailchimp list and a basic series of emails to get started.

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