FREE Shopify Dropshipping Course | Real 7 Figure Results (Complete A Z Blueprint 2021)

Welcome to the BEST step by step shopify drop shipping training course on youtube. We are going to walk you through how to create a dropshipping branded store from nothing in 2021. This video you are going to learn how to properly create a Shopify dropshipping branded store with high conversions which means more sales.

I am going to share the right way to set everything up such as product research, theme, creatives, and launching ads.

I went ahead and decided to create this tutorial because I’ve been seeing to many of these ‘free course’ videos on youtube teaching you the WRONG way to launch and run a dropshipping business and with our MILLIONS of dollars in results we are going to peel back the curtain on what we do.

⏬ 2021 Free Shopify Dropshipping Sections & Timestamps for your reference ⏬

0:00 – 3:49 Intro
3:50 – 7:25 What You’ll Learn In This Video
7:26 – 9:46 What Is Dropshipping
20:35 – 27:40 Session 1: Finding Winning Products
27:41 – 35:07 Product Research – Strategies
01:01:35 – 01:02:06 Section 2: Finding the right supplier to get products delivered fast
01:17:25 – 01:38:47 Section 3: Creating & Structuring Your First Shopify Store ( The Right Way )
01:45:21 – 01:47:10 Store Settings
01:59:00 – 02:00:35 Building your automations
02:31:43 – 02:36:11 Installing Analytics
02:37:10 – 02:40:54 Installing Live Chat App
02:44:38 – 02:54:00 SMSs Bump – Getting Started – Setting Email Campaigns
03:08:00 – 03:10:05 How to Install the facebook pixel with Vital
03:14:30 – 03:15:00 Section 4: Creating the best creatives for your ads
03:49:20 – 03:50:34 BOGDAN Ads Training
04:29:24 – 04:34:52 Kyle Facebook Ads Training
05:08:32 – 05:12:53 Quick Run Down By Dan Dasilva


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⭐⭐ Supplier Research Tools ⭐⭐

SalesSource (BEST)

📦📦 Best Supplier Sources In 2021 📦📦

📹📹 Video Ads & Sources For The Best Creatives 📹📹


📸 Pre eCom Vids:

📸 Video Creator:


📧 Best Email Application:

📲 SMS Bump:

💰 Vital 40 In 1 App:

Best Outsourcing Website:

Creating Images / Logos:

Buying Domain:

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****DISCLAIMER: This video like all of my others is for educational purposes only and you should use this tool at your own risk. There are plenty of dystopian laws and regulations regarding sending “nonconsensual emails” and text messages, but that’s on you to do your homework with the current FTC guidelines and stay safe.****


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  1. Hey everyone! If you enjoyed this video please shoot a like on it!

    Also the cheat sheet – we are STILL adding onto it so its being updated every single day.

    Enjoy the tutorial.

  2. Thank you for putting up this video. 5 hours is a lot of effort. I am very new to drop shipping and exploring at this stage. I have learnt about funnels from Russell Brinson books and wondered if you apply his methods for your store or not, like order bump, oto etc..? I saw some video which said how it improves conversion significantly.. wud like to know your take on it.. Thanks again for video 🙂

  3. Hi Dan
    Great content.
    How much of the taken images, videos product desc. from Aliexpress etc should you change to use it legally commercially in FB ads and your landingpage etc?

  4. I wish with Kyle we can see more on how to do some of these stuff. Like how many creatives and interests are used per adset in the testing phase? Also, in the validation campaign, do you put the ad money per adset or on the whole campaign ? And how many creatives do you use per adset and how many interest do you use per adset ? Also does the interests need to be of the same category or is it 10-20 different adset with different interest ? Do you run the validation campaign for 1-2 days then use what you learn to create a new campaign for cold targeting ? Please if anyone can answer these 🙂

  5. Omg this could change my life! I've always wanted to own a business. I've been following your FB add affiliated tutorial. Sadly I can't afford 2k a month for this yet so Ill have to save some for at least 3 months.

  6. Can't know how I bumped onto this. Anyway Damn good content 🤩🤩🤩. I also watched those rather similar from MStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these clips. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had cool information about similiar things on his vids.

  7. Wow!!!!!! Mind blown. So i have a few questions and i would love it if you can answer these:
    1)Can i do this alone as in no team whatsoever and raise it to 7 figures ;of course on the condition that i put in the work for it.
    2)I am 17 so can i do it as well?
    3) Since i am new to this can you explain to me if possible how much profit you can earn on a certain number of sales?

  8. Interesting tutorial. Thanks Dan! However, this is meant for only those residing in the US and wanting to start a dropshipping business. How about people residing outside the US? For eg. India. I am from India and would like to start dropshipping business i.e. supplying from either the US or China to the US. Also, which apps do we use and what address/mobile number etc can be used on various apps that you have added to this Shopify store? Can you please shed some light on this as well? Thanks for your help!

  9. Thank you for your video!

    Should I make 1 product store or a general store with the methods you showed in this video? If the 1 product store doesn't work, I need to buy new emails, domains etc. So is general store ok?

    Can I make like 2K dollars in sales a day for a year with this method?

  10. Hey Man, I want to learn and earn money by doing this, initially I am not expecting too much, but I want to earn atleast minimum 3K USD per month. And to be very honest, I have minimum budget, so can it possible????🤔🤔🤔
    Please guide me, and I am from India 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  11. I just stumbled upon this video. Went through other videos of yours, I appreciate your hardwork here. Y'all are inspiration to people like us who are learning. Just wanna mention, there should be no 🥊🥊 amongst you old Gs. By the way, just subscribed. More grace!

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