I Confronted Graham Stephan – The CHEAPEST Millionaire

I found Graham Stephan, went to his house, and confronted him. This is a behind the scenes look at his multi million dollar YouTube business.

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I found Graham Stephan, the personal finance YouTuber who talks about financial minimalism, how to invest for beginners to generate passive income, and I wanted to talk to him about his multi million dollar YouTube empire to get his thoughts on how to build wealth and how to become a millionaire through real estate, dividends, Robinhood, the stock market, and much more!

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  1. Started watching your videos recently, worked my way backwards to this one and finally a mention of watches. I've been curious since I started watching in your most recent videos are you wearing a Jacob & Co? Looks very similar but wasn't one of the brands you mentioned here… awesome videos keep it up!

  2. 🙋‍♀️ I was a hoarder lol and actually have my own Pokémon cards packed away somewhere from when my kids collected and played 20 years ago lol
    I buy/save for memories and to pass on…hoping worth more someday
    Did u buy a watch? Your over a million subscribers now
    Tx for your videos!!🥰

  3. It’s a very nice video Andrei,
    However is still not clear for people like me watching your channel and eventually having the same success like you do, what to do with our money to get on the right track. Wishing you can make a video more like a tutorial “ what to do, where to start with a 10k”? Also the next question will be, after you doing the right investments, what is the next step. Seating on your couch and waiting or 6-7% dividend, or do something much more with your money.

  4. Andrea cheated with the arm wrestling. He was holding the corner of the table and using to pull and then also lifted himself up and was using his body weight to increase the angle pushing down.

  5. A fancy watch these days is basically jewellery. As a man, I find jewellery useless. Experiences are nice, but rather than spending money on an experience (such as some trip), I tend to spend it on things provide me with experiences everyday (photography equipment, cars, technology, various tools). I could never justify spending money on collectables (that are often useless things that do nothing and simply exist).

  6. As a millionaire I would still rather buy a $200 smart watch than a Rolex.. lol.. I just don't see the appeal at all.

    If I was gonna blow a ton of money on something fun that can appreciate, it would be classic or exotic cars.

  7. I’d go for the watch but I also love the idea of my sons passing something down to their sons that I wore and a watch could potentially be that.
    In general, buying things that will last longer than me is appealing

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