How To Make A Landing Page For Affiliate Marketing (Full Landing Page Tutorial!)

I’ll show you how to make a landing page for affiliate marketing in such a way that your landing pages will be sleek and simple and I do this because I know that knowing how to create a landing page is an essential skill if you are in the affiliate marketing and I know a lot of my subscribers who are into affiliate marketing would surely love to learn how to make a landing page and that’s basically why I’ve created this very detailed landing page tutorial to make sure you all who watch it at the end will know exactly how to build a landing page for affiliate marketing…

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If after watching my video, you were able to successfully create a landing page, then you should definitely share this video with any of your friends who might be looking to learn how to create landing page for affiliate marketing as well so that they too can learn easy landing page design from my video and after that be able to make their own affiliate marketing landing pages as well after watching this my video on how to create landing pages for affiliate marketing campaigns…

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  1. You just saved me time and money on what software to get for my upcoming affiliate marketing business.

    Two questions though…

    1) Can I buy a domain from somewhere else (like Namecheap) and use it on the landing page I built on Builderall?

    2) Am I able to purchase a yearly subscription to Builderall instead of a monthly subscription?

    Thank you so much for this in-depth tutorial!!

  2. Question: I see that the best wordpress theme is Thrive Architect and the article you point to says $67 which I would purchase in a second, but it is way over that PER MONTH! So what now? I like the idea of starting with $50 but today I can not find that solution. It would be great if you could point us in that direction. Thanks for your time.

  3. Daniel
    I have registered with builder all but the software is very heavy when I’m starting to build website or landing page even when I copy your training i face same issue heavy and hanging when I enter Sheetah builder ,

    Is the disk space had related with that , if yes , any one landing to my page which I created will face same issue?

  4. If you use this method on Quora, will you get banned? Because on your other video you say to make "natural looking" articles on and put your affiliate links in the article. You say that way you won't get banned.

  5. Just a quick question, i just came from watching your 1 hour training video on how to build your own website and you mentioned in this video ,at 8:30, to put in a random URL so would that URL be the website you just created which will lead customers to your landing page?
    and would you include the "/home" when pasting into the Builderall website?
    love your vids keep it up x hope i made sense

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